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Forum Search Function Help

Is it at all possible to search the forums for a specific user?  Or any way to look at your own past posts?

From what I can tell, the information available under any user's profile is extremely limited where it should be much simpler to look over your past actions.  There's also no reason someone shouldn't be able to view their own posts through the Raptr interface.  

Right now, the only way to find your own post to even find out if you've gotten a reply is to search through each individual subforum and use the very limited filters to find your own posts.  You cannot use a username as a search function.  The layout of the forum itself is confusing; why in the world would you make two columns of thread titles and limit yourself to showing only 8-10 threads per page.  There is no reason for these forums to be so restrictive.

Please increase the search capabilities of your forums, increase the number of potential filters you can choose from, and please allow users to either view their own posts through their own profile page, or through the Raptr program itself.

I hope I'm able to find this thread in the near future to see if I've gotten any replies.  I know the last thread (maybe my first) has been lost in the ether despite over an hour of clicking around trying to find it.

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