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2015 Gaming Summary

 I want to know if it will be a 2015 gaming summary ?

I remember that was not the case last year and I hope that the staff of Raptr are going to make adjustment for this year.

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I don't believe we have any plans for a 2015 Gaming Summary. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The main reason I got the app after 2013 was because of the Yearly summary :<
It is something a lot of people really liked looking at to see where all their time went.

We understand that there were several users who looked forward to the Yearly Summary in past times. Unfortunately, due to how our system is laid out, gathering that information can take a long time to compile and design (since most people would not appreciate a plain text file full of code). We're currently on a very tight schedule for releases and we have all hands on deck working to fix bugs, implement new features and make any enhancements.

Sad to hear no gaming summary for 2015, do you think we'll get one for this year (2016) or another other year to come? Or are you guys getting rid of this feature all together too?

 "Implement new features and make any enhancements." This is how xfire died, and sad to say this also might be the fate of raptr too. Everything was fine with the old version, but one feature was stopped then another and so on, until it's not the same. No one asked for new features at the expense of the other features, but I'm sure none of us would be against it if the old great features that made raptr what it was were still here. But getting off topic now, I just hope that we still get to keep at least one feature that made raptr great.

@omgmichaelr0ck5 - Xfire actually didn't die. They merely removed their Community sections in order to focus more on what they wanted to do, which is closely linked to ESports. 

If I had to guess, I would say no, we probably will not be doing a 2016 Gaming Summary. But anything could change in a year, so it's difficult to say. Right now we're all very focused on some upcoming projects, features and changes and simply don't have the time to implement this feature. As mentioned before, we apologize that this was something you were looking forward to, but we just don't have the manpower to generate it.

@Verun, I'll give you that one since technically x-fire didn't die, I was referring to the part that made  x-fire what it was, the site, forums and of course the app.


Thank you Verun for the honesty, that we might or might not be getting one for this year too, but I'll try to stay optimistic and hope for the best. Best of luck to you guys with these "upcoming projects, features and changes".

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