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Steam Achievements ever to be updated?

 I don't want to complain about Raptr.  I really hate to, because I worry frequently that the site is going to end, and after years of watching my gaming hours total up neatly and in nice little "standings", that I'm going to have to resort to doing it by hand (which I would, I'm that addicted to the feature)

My question is this:  Are we ever going to get steam achievements tracked for anything but relatively OLD games?  I bought Civilization: Beyond Earth when it came out in Fall 2014, and achievements still haven't shown up on Raptr.  Nothing new has since then.  My weekly summary hardly ever includes a single achievement these days, because there simply aren't any to be had in the newer games that I am playing.  I don't monitor these forums closely, so if there has been some official word about this MIA feature, I'd love someone to tell me or link.

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Essentially, it's not working as intended, but we are aware of it. There was a change made on Steam's side that essentially started breaking it for us on newer games. We just have not had the time to make the appropriate changes to correct it. Personally, I'm unsure of the extent of how long that would take. We are aware that it's not getting achievements for current/new games though. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I really appreciate the response, Verun.  That makes sense.  I hope you guys are able to work it out, but above all, I want to see raptr continue.  It means a lot to me as a gamer.


Despite what some people are saying, we are not going anywhere :-)

That's great news.  I kind of started fearing the worst when console support was dropped altogether.


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