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Warcraft is not tracking

Since the lsst update, Raptr has not been tracking WoW or any other games. Also the time i have already is not showing on the bar. AND the games do not optimize, it says not enough data for the game.

Have you tried reinstalling the software to see if that helps?

I did, and now Warcraft is not showing. The rest of my games are back to normal.

Have you done anything in regards to the installation of WoW? Changed where it was installed without reinstalling? Or changed boot drives?

No, nothing has changed. WoW never shows on Raptr unless I manually add it, and then I have literally 10 games showing. Don't know why that happens.

The Manual process adding multiple versions makes sense because of how World of Warcraft is made. It's due to the fact that because it has several types of versions (32-bit, 64-bit, North American, Chinese, Korean) it's unable to determine exactly which one it is based on exe name and location alone. If it gets automatically added, it can usually detect which version it is.

Now as for the issue of it not being able to find it automatically, we'll probably have to create a ticket on it and get logs. It's hard to determine what is happening based on what's on the surface. I'll create a ticket for you based on this forum post and give you further instruction there. Ticket # 25205

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