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Videos not reflecting views

Does anyone know if raptr just houses youtube videos once linked?

Any attempt to reflect the views from raptr to youtube, doesn't.

I may go at a time of day when my views are low, and try to make an impact by watching through raptr multiple times, and by watching on the video youtube page several times.

The raptr version doesn't reflect, the youtube version does(I've been doing this to try and test it...)
Also, a video here on raptr, may accumulate up to 5k views in under 24 hours, but as these videos for test purposes have been put as unlisted... it isn't reflecting in them at all.

Basically, any view I'm getting from raptr, isn't actually coming back to me. 
Raptr does not show ads on the video, nor does any of the views come back to me.

When the video is set to monetized platforms only, it still shows on raptr.
Raptr is effectively taking a youtube video, and putting it on it's own servers.

Is there any way to change any of this? I want my rightful revenue for my content.
And I want my content confined to a a platform where I can get revenue.

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It actually has more to do with how Youtube videos get hosted on other sites more than us hosting them. We do not host the Youtube videos ourselves. However, I believe that Youtube's API does not allow for the commercials and thus monetization on videos that auto-play. This is an aspect from Youtube that we cannot control. It was a design decision to have the videos auto-play on our Community. 

If you wish to get the full amount of views, we recommend just linking the Youtube URL rather than embedding the video. 

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