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New Forum Moderation Procedure

Hi everyone, it's Verun!

As you may have noticed over the last month or so, when you post on the forum it doesn't appear immediately. The same happens if you create a new topic. The reason for this is because of a new procedure we put in place for moderation.

When someone posts a new topic, or even comments on a current topic, it is placed in our queue to moderate before allowing it to the public eye. The main reason for this is to avoid unnecessary spam to hit the forums. Be assured though that we do not use this moderation method to silence users who are upset about our product or are having issues (unless of course you have been warned by us before). 

The silver lining for this (and you may have noticed) is it gives the Customer Service team a better eye on what is being posted, and allows us to answer them more frequently. As a result, I've been able to get a better communication with those who post on the forums.

As mentioned, this has already been going on for several weeks and it seems like it's working very well, but feel free and let us know if you have any questions or concerns about it. 


Raptr Customer Service

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It's Verun again!

I have received several feedback from our users regarding this Forum Procedure and found that while it was nice for us as Admins to be able to filter out spam, it kind of choked the community in speaking to each other about issues.

So I have placed the moderation back to the way it was before this. What does that mean?

  • You can post and create topics normally without waiting for Admin approval.
  • You can see your posts immediately, which means you can edit your posts immediately.
  • External Links will still need Admin Approval.

I will also be adding more Community-based Forum Topics so that our Userbase can talk about other topics that are not necessarily related strictly to Raptr or 

The Forums have been home to User Issues for a long time, and while it still can be useful, we still highly recommend the ticket system for issues. It allows us to tie internal bug tickets to issues (getting us proper count) and easier tracking for responses. You're still welcome to post to the Forums if you need Help with an issue, but creating a ticket at the same time gives you the best chance of being reached.

Let me know if you have any feedback regarding this change!


Raptr Customer Service