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Regarding Community Spam

something needs to be done about this spam, theres more and more every day across multiple communities, by now i spend more time reporting all of it then i do browsing communities

as much as it might suck for legit posters but perhaps some form of moderation needs to be added to communities before posts show up as the spam seems to slowly get out of hand

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We're currently doing what we can with the tools and time available to us. However, these spammers are indeed trickier than ones in the past, so they are exacting methods that can leave some of our moderation 'powers' weakened. I'll take a look through now and see what I can squash. Feel free and let me know what communities you want me to clean up (anyone else is welcome to as well).

 the Diablo 3 community seems to be getting hit the hardest for whatever reason, i mean all communities have spam here and there, but i just scrolled down the most recent posts for D3 and it was nothing but spam

just looking at that amount of spam i definitely feel bad for you guys having to clean that mess up

iluiou, rokhmk, dsvbcvb are a couple in the EVE and Star Citizen sections I have just come across. 

*Grabs Pitchfork*   Communities noticed so far are EVE Online (Universe), Star Citizen, Real Time Battle RPG (Genre), Role Playing Sci-Fi (Genre), MMO (Genre), Atari (Company), CCP (Company), PC (Platform), Computer Mac (Platform).

i feel like i need to apologize if im actually reporting the same spam repeatedly, it literally all looks the same so im slowly starting to lose track, lol

No worries!

There is so much spam, I probably went through a thousand accounts this morning alone >_<

Just let me know the Communities and I'll jump in and get em all.

@RiceEyes - Thanks for the info! Although I could not "Role Playing Sci-fi" and "PC (Platform)" wouldn't load at the time. However, most of them disappeared when I went through just Real Time Battle RPG. It had a lot of varied names. 

Most of the time you'll just see 1-4 users posting the same thing over and over. 

ahh sigh, went one whole day without spam but now its back again, seems to be "only" 4 accounts

baan79, fgnefs, bcbsd and egvbfg

Got em, thanks!

 cheers, thanks for cleaning that mess up, lol

oh great theres new spam already, the 3 i just came across

fgjoietjhioeth, awwaeawea33aaa, daadaw3a3a3a

no rest for the wicked i suppose, i'm so sorry Verun

Got those ones too! Thanks!

sfhjdghjdg  Real-Time Strategy community.


Sadly there is no point in deleting all these post as I have been doing it for a while, some were there over a year till I finally posted a while ago about it, still accounts are still being made and the spam starts all over again, you need to start IP banning or changing up the way you can make an account. I just made a new account since I've had one for a while and forgot what the process was, it was only:

  1. username
  2. password
  3. re type password
  4. and email
There is nothing else to it, so it's easy for bot, or just people to make random account and spam, add a capcha, or something to it. Not to be mean or anything but I've seen newbie forum site that have a more imdepth process of making an account than this.

To add to this discussion so far I've noticed that it is mostly the popular games that are getting hit with spam the most, there might be a few here and there that will have some that are not so popular but. TF2, cs:go, Unturned, Grim Dawn, D3, Archeage, TERA, Black Desert, and so on have been spammed hard.

More accounts that are spamming.

  1.  rkrkkw
  2. marsromulos
  3. gerhbcv
  4. nnna5qf4p27n
  5. hanasha51
  6. ntygoe8083
  7. gvwefvc
  8. iotgdhkz
  9. rqwrdsc
  10. rtjfghjg
  11. hdgjdgh
Might be an annoyance to the legit users a bit, but yeah might be time to look into some sort of flood control measures combined with something that can't be dodged by OCR, dunno v0v. It seems to be getting out of hand though and would be a massive pita for Raptr. In the meantime will keep the pitchfork handy :P


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