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Stop installing this crappy Plays.TV automatically!

I've been using Raptr for years. I love it for tracking my game activity. I don't need all this extra crap, and I especially don't need a program that's recording everything I do on my computer. I uninstalled it when it first showed up... then I get a new update today and it's re-installed again. If this doesn't go away I'm going to have to just completely uninstall Raptr.

Any chance we can get a lightweight app JUST for tracking gameplay and nothing else?

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Thanks for the feedback!

Due to the age of this particular forum post though, I'll be locking the topic to avoid further necro'ing.

uninstalling totally here - i need it installed on a different drive - the installer doesnt even GIVE you an option as to where to put it - fekkin useless...

... as for - i got sick of uninstalling the fekkin thing - last straw tbh (on top of the never getting anything after the sapphire cards etc being up for grabs for points - this is a total waste of time for anyone that doesn't play Smite 24/7 it seems =/ )


I believe the intended effect that after uninstalling it should remember that, and if Raptr updates then it will not include it. However, because Raptr was uninstalled and reinstalled it won't have the knowledge to remember that is not wanted. I will still bring up the request to have an option for whether installation is wanted or not.

i recently had to uninstall and reinstall the Raptr client trying to fix a different problem.

the Plays.TV client was automatically installed and defaulted to "On".

i do not use this feature and do not want it on my computer, so, i had to go and uninstall it.

there is still no notification in the Raptr installer that the Play.TV client is also going to be installed as a separate program.

the Plays.TV client should be a clearly shown, optional choice in the Raptr installer and, if installed, should be defaulted to "not active"

i have a 256GB SSD drive for my boot/OS and everyday programs and a @TB mechanical for data storage, games, etc.  this type of setup is getting to be more and more common.  having your smaller SSD drive filled up with recordings because of a program you were not aware of was installed and activated is a VERY BAD THING.

@Colon - That's odd since it should not be reinstalling automatically itself if you've uninstalled once already. Do you uninstall Raptr at the same time as it, or did you only uninstall Raptr in that last instance you mentioned? You mentioned it reinstalled 10 times or so. Does it do that on an AMD driver update? Upon boot-up? Any details would be good so we can attempt to make changes.

This is completely unacceptable. I must have uninstalled this unwanted adware rubbish about 10 times now. It's got to the point where i've uninstalled Raptr. Why is there absolutely no warning or "would you like to install this" dialog? Many of us already document our games using an app already - so understandably we don't want some unknown unwanted application slying being installed on our system and using resources to do a task we're already doing ourselves. It's just BS of the highest order that no one asked for. Please fix it, I enjoy Raptr, but this experience has made me stop using.


@theBlackDragon - I appreciate the update and letting me know!

For your points you mentioned, we're slowly making improvements to make it more user friendly, but we definitely want to squash some bugs first. I apologize that you didn't have a great experience when it first rolled out, but thank you for the feedback!

I'd just like te report that the last update did not reinstall, so thank you for fixing that.

Further I wanted to mention that I disagree with @obscurespace . I never used the recording feature in Raptr so being able to not have it take up space, especially given that it is becoming more complex all the time, was a nice feature. More complex = more bugs and not having those in the product I do choose to use is always a bonus.

The problem I had with it, and why the reinstall bothered me so is that it was
a) installed by default, while could argue  the feature was in Raptr already so that just installing just provided the same functionality on the initial upgrade. It's jarring though if one is not aware of's affiliation with Raptr.
b) enabled by default, by which I mean that without my consent it started recording my gaming sessions. Which I only noticed when I ran out of disk space. (I know there is a popup, but I didn't realize it started actually recording without my telling it to do so until I actually ran out of disk space). I would argue that making this a setting that's *off* by default would make a lot of sense.
c) the client isn't very userfriendly imho (eg. turning it off turned out to be a hassle so I just got rid of it)


@obscurespace - Everyone is welcome to their opinion here and I am not going to censor anyone if they have negative feedback. Any type of feedback, whether negative or positive, can help shape anything. However, it's easier to determine the changes if we have constructive feedback such as:

  • What don't you like exactly about the client?
  • What would you change?
  • If you liked Raptr, but not, what differences made that decision for you?
Keep in mind that any change can't necessarily be fixed or altered with a push of a button. Any change will take time to implement. So we apologize for that, but the more feedback we get, the more ideas we get for what we need to change.

Hmmm me thinks that the seperation of Plays and Raptr was a bad Idea.  Maybe you should have your "sowftware Devs" undo the crap update.

And you know that while I may be a thorn in your side verun.  I am 100% correct in the statement that I have made.

@Hunterkillerer - Can you let me know when it last reinstalled? I want to ensure that it's not happening with 1.9.1 (there was a bug on 1.9.0 that a small amount of users may have gotten the reinstall when they should not have). has installed itself THREE times without my permission. I'm uninstalling Raptr, it's not worth the hassle.

We realized this issue soon after updating it on Friday. We should have made the correction now so it shouldn't happen. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Back then I was having the same issue as the OP. Unfortunately after today's Raptr update was installed *and* enabled *again*.

This is the third time I have to unintall Please get this sorted out as I won't be putting up with an unwanted program that fills up my hard disk getting reinstalled forever.


Yep...uninstalled it....AGAIN.

Raptr is Adware.