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My goodbye!

It`s been REALLY a long time, almost 8 years since I joined on 23 Dec 2008, but I find that I'm not part of what Raptr wants for it's community anymore. I remember being mesmerized by Raptr because of 3 main things: the communicator, which integrated several different accounts and networks, from Steam, to Skype, from ICQ to PSN; the achievements tracking, alongside the achievements mapping on each game; and finally the gaming community site area, the wall of updates and news and comments, game by game.

The later seems to be the only of these functions still working. I can't remember the last the I saw the communicator, because everytime I tried to login to my accounts, there were always one or two that wouldn't connect, no matter what. Achievements tracking has been broken for god knows how long - I remember quite a few others complaining about this a couple years ago, at least - and I remember the last game I could semi-succesfully track achieves was Reus. And here I was thinking that with the arrival of GOG Galaxy, uPlay and Origin, Raptr would expand it's deal...

And so it finally came the last blow: the focus shifted to gameplay videos. I understand, business and all, just not my thing - I take no pleasure in watching someone play, seems to me like time wasted when I could be playing myself =p but I do understand. And this is where I find that Raptr just isn't for me anymore. But I couldn't leave without saying "so long, and thanks for all the f..." no, wait =p ok, thanks for all the great times. Really hope the best for both the Raptr team and this amazing community.

If anyone wants to reach me, I'm always on twitter @proveisso.
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I greatly appreciate you writing this and letting us know about your farewell. I also appreciate the kind words in regards to ensuring that despite the change in focus to more videos, you admitted that it is just not your thing, and we totally understand that. Recording videos of their own gameplay, and watching gameplay from others isn't for everyone. But as everyone has seen, Raptr has evolved a lot in just 2 years. Who knows what the future holds. 

I wish you the absolute best, and hopefully we'll see you back on Raptr some day. And as always, have fun gaming!

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