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Meeting New Members?

This new forum setup blows. What ever happened to the meeting new members section? New Raptr members would introduce themselves and make new friends that way. I can't find it anywhere. The whole forum centers around support, which is fine, but there isn't any section for general chat, or game related chat that isn't support related. Raptr used to have that.

I was kind of a quick transition when we had to do it. I will more than likely be including forum sections like the ones you mentioned. If you have more ideas, feel free and let me know.

 Well first we need a new method of making an account like I said before it is way to easy for spammer/bots to makes them, this would greatly help you guys in the long run, not dealing with spam in communities and putting your efforts somewhere else that needs it.

"If" and I hope you guys do, add a general section for us to mingle in and have fun, add a new members section so people can meet each other. And if these section were to be added, you'll need to change up the way the forums work, since the "wait for a admin or mod" to accept your post would turn people off from posting in these sections to much, you could just change the way that those new areas work, like we could post when ever we wanted too without waiting for someone to accept the posts, but leave the others the same. I'd all so like to see some sort of edit button on the forums, I hate when I misspell something and link something wrong, and I can't fix it.

I'd like to have a beta version of updates like x-fire had before you release them and have it mess up on the live version of the program. (I'm sure you guys test them, but not every computer is the same, so having more people on a larger scale would help smash bugs before the updates go live would help).

This isn't that big a deal, but I would like to see a donate button, cause I wouldn't mind giving some money here and there for updates, like keeping the forums running, or even move to a better one. (maybe we could get a donate badge next to our name on our profiles. Or even to fund some giving aways, or more rewards.

On my profile in the about me section, I'd like origin, uplay, and evolve, and others that I haven't mentioned to be added to the list.

There is more that needs to be done, those are just some of the one I can think of currently, but thanks for the hard work guys.

  • Account Creation: Agreed. Not sure if we have already thought of that, or any issues could come with it. Basically the difficulty of implementing. I like it though!
  • General Section: Agreed. I'll have to look into the moderation procedure more. We've been very swamped recently so I haven't had a lot of free time to look at side stuff like forum moderation.
  • Beta Version: This isn't asked for widely, but it's not a terrible idea. Although it highly depends on how or if we wanted to implement this. 
  • Donate Button: This is big decision. I don't know if we would go that route, but I appreciate the idea!
  • More About Me Portions: Possibly if the section is already going in for a face-lift would we make this change. 
Thanks for the feedback! :-)

Hi Verun and ty for the quick reply. I'm not sure why you had to change forum formats but If Raptr can bring back the general chat section, game related discussions that aren't support related, an more importantly the meeting new players section, because it was that section alone that I got most of my Raptr buddies, was a good way of meeting new an existing members. :)

@Soltan - Agreed and I will start looking into that. I just need to make sure I get through supporting people with issues before I start on side stuff like social forums. However, I also need to look deeper into changing the protocol for moderating forums. As they stand now (as omgmichaelr0ck5 stated) it wouldn't be very good if I had to moderate every post just for social stuff. So I'll have to dig through and see what I can come up with. Definitely on my to-do list though.

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