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Implement importing of Evolve game-tracking data

 I have been an avid supporter and user of Echobit's Evolve game-tracking software ever since 2011. Around the time xfire was showing signs of dying. Jumping ship was easy and straight forward when xfire's inevitable demise came to pass due to Evolve's ability (and Raptr's) to import xfire hours.

Now here's the problem. Evolve is now showing the same signs as xfire did. Devs are no longer active. Parts of the service have stopped working and nobody is saying anything about it on the forums. The forums themselves are a wasteland of silence or bot spam. Switching to Raptr would be a no-brainer if I were able to transfer my gaming time over in a similar way to how it used to work with xfire.

But if I were to be required to start from scratch, without being able to salvage anything, I'd rather just give up tracking altogether. I've been doing it for years and it has helped me land a job in gaming (QA Testing) because I used it as proof in my CVs.
Far be it for the Raptr team to even bother with implementing such a transfer for a lonely anonymous user on the internet. But if you take into account that if you do in fact do this, you will be attracting a quite massive number of disgruntled Evolve users to your service, you could see how this would benefit Raptr as a whole. Bellow you can find Evolve's website, and a link to a (my) gaming profile that might help you guys figure out if there is a way to import data. I will be linking this topic over on the evolve forums as well in hope it gets seen by the right people.

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I find myself in the same exact situation. For how much i loved evolve it's dying and i would switch if i could import my data

isn't evolve 2.0 at a beta state? Meh, If evolve is dying Rapre is even worse. Overwolf is the best choice atm.

It's been in beta for ages now.

Saying raptr is bad on the raptr forums is kinda weird.

Overwolf has no game tracking, wich is the most important feature for me

Its kidna weird? You must be new around here. Aw right, you are.

Overwolf has game tracking, its just not possible to import it from Steam. Steam has game tracking lol

Overwolf has in-game facebook, skype, watsapp, browser with all your chrome logins automatically imported, twitch streamers alerts, and most important, Raptr's chat xD

Since Evolve HQ closed TODAY without notifying anyone, this is a major issue for me. I would love to get back my hours from evolve and put them on Raptr :<

Well all player pages have been shut down. Poof, years of data disappeared without a single day warning
Yeah, feeling some kind of deja-vu here. I just hate the fact that i moved from Xfire to Evolve with my gaming hours..


Sadly I don't think there is anyway for Raptr to import EvolveHQ time due to the site being down, which mean proving you are the account owner isn't possible. :(

EvolveHQ is currently up! Sadly you can't login but you can get all of backup all of your Library pages!

Here is the link it goes to the Forums-

How? I can't find the way to backup.

 Sadly there isn't any straightforward way of actually backing up anything. Still, maybe Raptr (or some other upstart) will find a way to copy over all of the data or build an importer.

Never mind. I found a really practical way, but still gives you a chance to backup. Follow these instructions.

I should have went into more detail about what I meant by backup.

I honestly don't think there is anyway to get any of our EvolveHQ time onto Raptr or another service (If I am wrong about this please tell me); And even if there was verifying that we are actually the owners of the account without being able to login would be difficult.

What I meant a offline backup just so you can have your hours, Here is how do to that:

1) Right-click on the EvolveHQ page and click "save as..." 

2) Than a new window will popup named "Save As", Name the file what you want.

3) Make sure the "Save as Type" is "Webpage, Complete".

4) Save the file.

Do this for all of your Account/Library pages on EvolveHQ.

 Well since it seems evolve is back, no more need to worry ;)

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