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New Forum moderation Proceedure

This is susposed to be a community discussion.  Right now that is not what it is,  It is Verun deciding what is allowed and what is not.  If I had 300 people telling me that the software sucks,  and I delete the post (I have 5 posts missing) and 3 that say that they want X feature added to plays,  Lets just do what Verun wants.   The Day they add moderators to the "Forums" and allow all posts to be seen is the day that this company will start to make things right. 

As of right now,  Raptr has 22 million users around the world. And there is only this forum?  Seems really fishy to me. 

If your company has an issue with spam on the forums,  maybe it isnt all spam.  If some one comes on here and says that your software sucks,  they have the right to say that.  As a California based company,  you  have to follow the law and allow them the opportunity to voice their thoughts (First Amendment, the Freedom of speach).  If you are going to listen to some people as to what you are going to do with your product,  then Unfortunately you will listen to all people. 

Most of the threads I have read on the forums,  Are people haveing issues with the software,  Want the old version Back,  Or are here to "Politely" tell you off. I have yet to see where some one wanted the ability to AUTO install the program after uninstalling it.  Or to AUTO reset the settings. 

Personally I Must admit that the Concept behind plays is a sound one.  I how ever very much dislike  the fact that when I open the application I am not greeted with any thing I want to see,  If you even based the "Preview pane" as I dont know what you want to call it,  The one where there is all the clips of the recently uploaded videos,  on games the current user has that would be a little better.

For example.  

I am greeted with CS:GO and LOL videos.  Personally I find both games boring to watch,  So why do I keep seeing them?  Can I flag the posts?  Can I remove them?  How do I use play to Do what raptr did,  JUST RECORD MY F*****G game play.  

ok,  I think I made my point.  so  I will end this rant for the day.  

Have a nice day.

@obscurespace - Hey obscurespace! Verun again.

I'll see if I can't answer some of your concerns that are mentioned here.

The forums are moderated currently due to the issue of spam, as mentioned. I make an effort to not delete any posts (unless they are copies of previous posts or obvious spam). However, I have received enough feedback (not only from you, but from others) that it doesn't really convey a sense of "Community" as you mentioned, and I completely agree! I have full intentions to open up the moderation again. I had intended this last Monday initially, but it's been a particularly busy week so I've moved it off til next Monday (April 11th). Why wait til then? Because we get the majority of our spam on the weekend. :-)

I'll see what I can do to remove Spam as fast as I'm able (same as fast as I'm able to confirm the posts), but please forgive me if some slip through. However, with this change the forum will be less of a platform for me to provide "support" and we will just reaffirm that making a ticket is the best method for tracking.

However obscurespace, it definitely seems like you're not happy with the changes based on your other posts, as well as this one. The best method to help provide change is to provide constructive feedback on what you do or do not like. Feel free and provide examples, mock-ups, screenshots, etc. This is stuff I can relay to the Design team instead of simply saying "They don't like X". However, any changes also need to made with decisions on how we want the product to run. 

Either way, I appreciate the feedback and anyone else is welcome to post here as well with their feedback.

Loosening the forum moderation only a few years after launching the new forum system is too little too late if you guys were serious about listening to user feedback. This forum system is about as user-friendly as Discourse (which is to say, it isn't) and having such tight moderation early on only served to make it even more user-unfriendly.

@ZeroRaptor - I appreciate the concern. Keep in mind that this is a 3-month old post and I have already lifted the forum moderation which has worked out fairly well with some other changes we made.

We are doing what we can to get to everyone, but we're not perfect and things can tend to slip through the cracks sometimes and we do apologize. However, if you have any ideas on how to make the system more user-friendly, perhaps we can look into making those changes.

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