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So apparently deleted most of my old recordings from raptr thanks to the auto manage space feature.

I have saved my raptr recordings in the same folder for the last ~1,5 years now, and some of my favorite gaming moments have been kept there. I just noticed now that everything recorded before December 2015 is gone, and when I checked the settings I saw this "auto manage space" and it was enabled and set to 10gb. This is something I never enabled myself and I'm sure it wasn't there before this was added. What the hell guys? Don't pull this crap on your users without notice. I was building a library of moments I intended keep for a very long time and now most of it is gone..
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The Auto-Manage option is set by default because we got a lot of complaints from users that we're getting their HD full with recordings. The good news is that whatever videos it "auto-manages" just are sent to the Recycle Bin and are not completely deleted so that they can be restored if necessary. 

I want to say that Raptr also had this feature as well though when it had recording capability built-in.

Either way, I apologize that you lost those videos you were collecting.

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