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Steam manual detection

hi. for some reason some of my games from my steam library aren't getting detected. back in the days with my old account whenever i clicked on "manually add a game" i used to have the option to detect Steam games (it would ask if i am trying to add a steam game or not) and that would solve the problem. however right now that option doesn't appear and it only allows me to manually select from the limited non steam games. so is the option to manually detect steam folders removed? if not then it would be cool if someone can help me to fix it. also as an example of games that i am having trouble detecting with Raptr i can name Dark Souls 3 and The Banner Saga 2 and for the record my steam is installed in the default folder that Raptr usually recognize (it also has no problem detecting the likes of Rise of the Tomb Raider etc, but can't detect the likes of Dark Souls 3 even though it's already available in game_detection_pc file).

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Did anyone reply back to you about this

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