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Manual tracking broken?

Did a half hour game track for Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and its still going. Hopefully there's a fix for it.

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Did 45 minutes of The Fruit of Grisaia and same problem

I did 30 minutes of several games and same problem here!

What isn't broken? :/

None of the original features work properly anymore... and now I can't even sync my steam achievements/hours on the website anymore (it just doesn't fetch any of my new games or achievements) - which was the last working raptr feature i was still using :s

Time to export all my game data from raptr one last time I guess.... just sux having to save each page of the game library to be able to do this -_- the least they could do was offer us an easy way to extract our tracking data once they gave up on supporting it

And there's no URL shortcut for each page... so you have to manually click on "next page" and "save page as" (+ "save") for each of the pages > 1011 games divided by 12 games per page = 85 pages = 255 clicks (+ wait time for loading each page) to do an export :'(

Is there a way to retrieve game ID based on game name? If so, that would help a lot

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