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Suggestion: Get rid of the twitch ¤"¤&/" and make the page not suck again.

I log in one day a year or two ago, to a full screen ad saying "TWITCH HAS MOVED ELSEWHERE". Ok what is twitch? I think most people who cared would be aware by now and it's quite telling that my previously reasonably busy feed has slowly trickled down to one sorry sod who still has raptr installed for some reason and registers his game of tanks sessions. I didn't have that many contacts here, but they're all gone and today I shut off the pointless weekly play log as the points apparently can't be used for anything and the site itself is dead in the water.

Good luck with whatever it is you're trying to do with this site, I have no interest in watching people play games, but I know there is a market, however I suspect this boat is late to the party in any case.

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