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Please clean up all the spam on the communities!

Is Raptr already dying or is it already dead? Spam bots are relentlessly posting nonsense in almost all communities, including the Raptr community. It's been months since your last tweet and facebook post! It's such a terrible waste to see Raptr fall to pieces..

It started dying a couple of years ago when they removed the real forums and changed focus from the original raptr features to video recording, streaming and all that crap.

I think it's pretty much dead now. I only go to my profile settings on the website once every 3 months to update my steam hours/achievements and that's all I use raptr for now lol

We're currently working on methods of being able to better ban and moderate the Community Posts. If any spam is seen, we recommend users let us know which community it's located so we can dig in a bit.

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