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Feature Request: Recording "profiles" for different games

Hi again Verun,

I have been thinking about the "Highlight" recording, and I sometimes struggle with the recording time.

Basically I am playing a lot of Battlefield 4 and I have set my Highlight time to 30 seconds accordingly, which is perfect for my needs.

However when I decide to go into "Rainbow Six : Siege", things change.

The 30 seconds are most of the time neither enough, nor comfortable to press the button during high risk/awareness gameplay.

So it would be great if you we could set up our timers/recording settings for each game individually and maybe set a global option as default so that only the profiles override those settings but at the same time you wont have to configure it for each and every game. 

That feature would help a lot I believe.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Good Feedback, although could be a little difficult to implement and do it well without making it sloppy. But it could be something we could look at in the future.

There is one solid reason of why this is a must. I have many games including Dying Light and L4D 2. Some games are lighter, some are slower. So in some games I would like to use PlaysTV and in some I wouldn't because I have <30fps on it anyways with stressed GPU and CPU at 100%.
So as I still don't have an option for true manual record mode I asked before, this would be a nice workaround.
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