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Raptr communities.

Thank you for adding a captcha to making a post to discussions in the communities it deals with the spam for the most part, only thing I'd like to see is that you add the captcha to adding a post too (sadly it will be annoying to enter it every time you want  to post something, but now spammers are posting on posts instead of flooding the communities with their own posts.) We might not need it on posts ect if you could just add it to making an account instead, (I checked a while ago and there was no protecting against bots on making accounts, when I checked last all you need was a username, password and a email and you were done. (I don't know if this has changed recently.)) This needs to change like I said a year or so ago, and you guys can stop wasting time on dealing with spam and crap, and make raptr good again.

On the topic of posts in the communities can we add a edit button to them, I can't tell you how many time I forget something or make a spelling mistake and want to fix it but don't want to deal with re doing it all.

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