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Raptr App --> PC needs more power

The program is forcing my graphics card even in idl mode to run with two cores although not even the window is open (HD 7990). Thereby I have more power consumption and heat generation in general.
For comparison core 1 is 45 ° and the core 2 at 50 °, I start Firefox increases core 2 to about 60 °. Without Raptr is only core 2 running on and is stable with the browser at 45 ° while core 1 off is.

I tested this in many ways with the same result.

(FX 8350, 12 Gb DDR 3 1866 MHz, GA 990 fxa D3, HD 7990, OCZ RevoDrive 2 120 Gb and 2 normal Harddrives)

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I went ahead and created a ticket based on your forum post since I would like to look into this more deeply.

I'd recommend checking your inbox to see a response from me with more questions. 

If any other users have the same issue, feel free to post here with your findings, but I also highly recommend making a ticket with logs attached so we can dig right in to some information. Thanks!

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