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Small things that go a long way

Top left resize with pointer sometimes unresponsive (Drag area needs to be larger),

Top right resize with pointer sometimes unresponsive (Drag area needs to be larger),

Windows button left, right, and up for maximize unresponsive.

Maximize button missing.

Facebook unbinding constantly.

Xbox achievements not up to date. (This was previously noted that updates would discontinue - what is preventing this?)

Unusually high processor usage on idle if left on rewards or games tab.

Inside Identities Without Tracking you should not contain specific games, instead users should be allowed to type in their custom game.

Cannot manually add Unity Engine inside installed games.

Detection file should only download on startup/daily to make refreshing of games list faster.

Games list should automatically refresh when inserting a removable disk.

When inside Community, pressing support to the right brings up a white semi transparent window with an X - Nothing else.

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I'm curious, how is the Raptr staff doing? I haven't seen any updates in some time now, and these forums are collecting dust. Might there be a changelog we can observe besides these forums? You could always downsize if the standalone has gotten too big to manage.. Just link to the website for most of the content like games, rewards and community ect.. and just have game tracking within the application.

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