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PS4 Tracking Still Down It Looks Like

My code has been in there for years now. I reapplied it to see if they every fixed it, nope. It still doesn't work. It's been an entire month since I've tried and nothing has worked. Also, I'm still missing about 20,000 points that Raptr took from me again for a game I've never played. I contacted them about that, too. Nothing. This customer service is terrible, or uncaring.

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I'd say forget about it, this and many other things have been broken for years now and instead of releasing updates to repair something or add something new, they release "updates" that remove existing feautures, last one removed the in-game overlay lol. Since they "allied" with AMD they were lost in space, not going into a specific direction except maybe the playstv, just kept on removing feautures from what was raptr and never listened to existing users. Now that AMD got their recording and streaming stuff right into their drivers and probably left them for the same reason i stated before, let's see what's going to snap.

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