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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (German Steam Version) is not detected?

I played the German Steam Version of "Wolfenstein: The New Order" till some days ago and it was detected bei Raptr.

Now I want to play the German Steam Version of "Wolfenstein: The Old Blood" too but it is not detected by Raptr. Also manual detection does not work. The game is not shown in the list. Also "Wolfenstein: The New Order" is not shown in this manual detection list.

I searched for the games in the file "game_detection_pc.json" and I could find them. But why I am not able to detect them anymore?

Any help?

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I removed both Wolfenstein games and reinstalled them. Only "Wolfenstein: The New Order" is automatically detected by Raptr. Still no detection for "Wolfenstein: The Old Blood". I can't add the game manually because it's still not listed. :(

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