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Not accepting Manually put in games.

 Hi there. for the past several months when I have tried to put in game time from the manual part from both the desktop app and website it has not accomplished such task. any idea what is going on with that?

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Probably one of the dozens of Raptr features that have been removed for no apparent reason and no warninmg

I sent a feedback thing it about a week ago regarding this. Doesn't seem like anything is being done.
Then again nearly 3 years ago I requested more wallpapers and they replied saying they'd be added soon, and none ever were.

Don't know what happened to the site. Was it too expensive to maintain? Not enough interest? Seems like it's just 1-2 people who keep it going now and they work on it part-time or something.

Such a shame.


same problem for me.  idk what the fuck is wrong with the devs 

 Anyone know of any other sites like this that allow you to track game time and add stuff for other consoles like Handhelds and Sony consoles too? - since Xbox is auto tracked, or "was".
This site is dead. No one even replies to the forum posts. Devs don't even read the forums I don't think.

I'm thinking of coding my own. Will think about it and post about it here if I go ahead.


somebody please make a new site where we can transfer our play time because raptr is dead as fuck 

 I started. Will take a while to complete however.

 Really sucks. I hope if you do make a new site that it goes well. I know Steam tracks gameplay but I tend to play a lot of games on Blizzard's and having to run that through Steam for game tracking is a chore. I also enjoy entering my console games playtimes manually. I'm someone who likes data and charts, I enjoy seeing my hours etc on games.

The fact that no dev has posted in these threads pretty much shows the site is indeed dead though.

thank you bro

 3 months later, still not working. Nice website.

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