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is raptr even still active?

seems like they havent updated the client or the website in a year

Short answer: no. They're more focused on and streaming rather than continuing this community. Its just like I predicted a few years ago on this thread.

 Nope, they don't care one bit anymore. Stuff keeps breaking too. Can't manually add games anymore. They've all but given up.

why???  wtf...    i still want to use this program and theres nothing else like it to move to  

There's no money to be made from it. No ad spaces, no sponsorships, no revenue. They can't develop the platform without any funds, and if you're doing a job but not being paid for it are you going to keep doing that job? Steam tracks game time anyway and since they discontinued the console support years ago there's no point in manually tracking time anymore unless you REALLY want to.
I really wish we could get the Raptr of old that focused on game tracking. Where if you post something here in the forums they'll reply and make it feel like a great community.


@solitudesa Like the saying goes "wish in one hand, spit in the other, see which one fills up first." I tried to contact a couple of staff or admins on other social profiles and have been ignored. I'm bummed to see the site and app go out like this but that's just the internet repeating its own history: sites live for a few years then die without any warning.

 I wish it was active... I've used Raptr since 2012 and I still continue to try and manually add games. Since the Switch has came out there have been nothing relating to the Switch at all. they need to get their asses back in here and help us track our games.

 Kinda sucks that people who've worked on the site flat out ignore people though. That's nothing to do with the site, that's just rude.

Wonder if any company would be willing to buy the site? Might help it keep going. Get into another partnership or something, some exposure...

 They can at least let people know what's going on. It's a shame really.

I think the client updated yesterday but i havent noticed manual tracking working again 

@zabonam The site would have to serve some purpose other than just game time tracking. While the Raptr of old was based around the community, with game time tracking being a plus, the staff instead jumped ship in favor of streaming which seemed to be the "next big trend in gaming" (but let's face it: people sitting around watching someone play a game isn't exactly fun). A website with no community behind it is a hard thing to sell. Raptr would more than likely be scrapped and start over as something completely different. Like a site that sells shoes.

There's still definitely a want for a site like this. I hope someone makes a new one.

They can't be bothered to even read their own forums.


Has anyone else noticed that the Raptr Twitter account is "Temporarily restricted"? If you view the profile it shows that they haven't done any tweets. Complete abandonment in pursuit of streaming. Its unbelievable.
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