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Desktop client won't connect

After rebooting my machine (nothing changed) the desktop client no longer wants to connect.

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We were having connection issues on the day you made this forum post. It should be resolved now; but thanks for letting us know!

My desktop client still won't connect to Raptr.

I can't log into the windows client.  I have installed it on 3 different computers (2 at home and 1 at work)  with two different internet providers.  I still get a "connection Error" and "unable to contact"  Internet if fine on BOTH connection (home and work), I have the firewall opened for home,  I can connect and log into the website HOWEVER, clicking on other links such as "communities" takes 2-3 min for it to come up.  I am on AT&T Gigabit fiber and have only 10 ms latency.  

Apparently you still have connection issues, since mine desktop app can't login either. I can log in to website, and I see my games are still tracked, but the chat app does not connect. 

I have same problem too :( Website is down and app can't connect either.

Hope it comes back up again at some point. 

 I have to hit connect several times to get anything.  Sometimes it seems to connect, and will show which persons on my friendlist are online, but my status at the top never changes from "offline", and If I try to reconnect at this point, everyone on my list reverts to offline status.  No hours seem to be tracked either.  I can connect to website.  This wouldn't be a big problem if I'd been able to synch steam hours with raptr at any point in the last 16 months, but that hasn't been the case.

I cant connect to the app or track any game time anymore. i think raptr is completely dead now. was fearing this for years

Been down for days now and nobody has said much..


I hope I don't lose 26'000+ tracked hours..


Still down here, really hope this doesn't mean the end for Raptr :(

In the mean I have discovered Gameplay Time tracker (, which does the same as Raptr and seems rather light weight. One advantage is that the data is all stored locally on your computer. Also it seems to detect games very well and doesn't require downloading game definition files to detect the latest games.

However it doesn't seem to the ability to import Steam or Raptr hours which is real shame. Have asked author of this program if it's possible to import but haven't heard from him.

Can't connect. Internet is fine, everything else on my PC connects fine.

I do have to say this is not the first time Raptr fails. Please up your game guys.

 Wanted to chime in and note that I too am unable to connect to the desktop client. Hadn't had an issue before putting my computer to bed last night and starting up this morning.

Can't connect to Raptr via the desktop client here either.

It worked with a device verification email. But that seems like a one-time thing. What's going on here?


I am having the same issue. The desktop app won't login automatically. It will login if I login to the website first.


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