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What is wrong with raptr?

 Did get hacked?  Everyday for the past few weeks, the desktop app would either never connect or it would take many tries to connect it to my account. There is nothing wrong with my connection. What's the heck is going on?

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I've got the same issue, I don't think my client has connected for over a week.

Oh, rats, is this another one of those "help" desks that never answers? Like Microsoft?

same here. be prepared to read some news such "raptr will be discontinued in x days"... their feedback doesnt exist, they don't even try to find new partners or funds, they trolled us with rewards and btw since 3 days my desktop app doesnt detect and count my playtime anymore


if you find some good alternatives, please inform me. I still love this app and I would actually contribute to improve it even with money, but they didnt even try this way. Ive only seen a complete abandonment


Same here. They are probably going tto shut down for good.

Yeah I'm having the same issue. It keeps saying it can't contact, and to check my internet connection. Sigh.

Yeah, I hate to say this but the last remnants of xfire is finally at an end as well. I was hoping Raptr will be a replacement, but I guess it followed soon after xfire's demise. I actually saw this coming months and months ago, that's why I started to leave Raptr.. So far I've made steam the alternative, and I've managed to purchase my favorite games that needs tracking. But yeah not all games are available in steam and I guess I'll have to live a gaming life without tracking game time from some of my games any more. :(

BTW, I've been tracking hours and I've been using Xfire since 2004. 

Hey all, I forgot that I have the Raptr iOS app on my phone.  I was able to get it logged in AND connected with chat.  My phone is using the same ISP (over my wireless) that my two desktops use so it is not ISP/firewall related.  My guess is that they have something screwy with the desktop APP itself.

You guys are exactly right; this program is effectively dead, and I fully expect it to shut down completely soon.  It was just great through 2013.  The first cracks started when they didn't support Xbox One and PS 4, but I was ok with that.  Then they stopped tracking achievements for new games, claiming that steam had changed something in the code (despite the facts that plenty other sites weren't having trouble).  Then you could no longer sync hours with steam, and had to plug everything in manually.  Then even old game achievements wouldn't track.  Finally, hours don't even track, and the program is essentially useless. 

For those that are wondering about alternative sites, there are several good ones, albeit none that track hours and arrange your list of games as well as this site does.


It is very sad what has happened here.  I think the dissolution of the AMD partnership must have finished them off.  I wonder if they actually have any employees at this point.


Well I can't say I didn't see this coming. It's not that I really use Raptr but I've been logging my game hours since 2004 with xfire so this is pretty annoying 

Evolve looks like a nice program 

I finally caved in. I uninstalled the software. Had enough. They are dead.

Maybe another company would buy it? For now, it's dead.


I was a loyal Xfire user from 2007 to 2010, when I discovered Raptr, which looked better and handled my Xbox 360 games.  I scarcely noticed when the Xfire client went under several years later, but I'm really going to feel the pinch when Raptr shuts down for good.  I can log into the program via the website, and it shows persons from my friendlist as being online, but my client will not log in and shows 0/0 friends, despite fact I have several hundred.  I do not expect this to change, but am wondering if it is affecting everyone? 



Yes, this is the same for most everyone in the past few weeks.  I have finally removed raptr from my system as it is no longer functional for the PC desktop.  The iOS App, however, still works.  Go figure.

Same as many others here, I began with Xfire in 2007 and continued with Raptr in 2009, I could track game hours until last month, and I can't connect since I'm back from holidays 1-2 weeks ago...

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