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Unable to log in for the past 2 weeks

My Raptr client refuses to log in it keeps telling me to check my internet connection and try again. I'm pretty sure I'm connected to the internet.

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Client hasn't been able to log in for past 2 weeks or so here either; but just manually downloaded the program via raptr website and installed (or updated as the case may be) and the client now allows me to log in



i have the same and i known i have a good  connection because i 'm in fiber and watching youtube, downloading program/video/etc.. connecting to raptr website.

i need to wait a long period of time  to connect to raptr desktop.

i have  check my firewall and all is ok for raptr.

is the client need some special port open ? since last update.

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I have the same problem. 

Can log in here on the side.

Nothing changed on my PC or my ESP

Same here. I have to try several times until it connects. But it does not take into account all of my gaming sessions. Seems to be the end of Raptr :/


I am having the same issue, the app will not log on, even after I reset my password.

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