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Raptr Closing

It's sad to see that Raptr is closing its doors.

I haven't seen an alternative that I'm particularly happy with so a while ago I started working on my own. It's purely for game tracking and it still has a while to go.

So for now there's nothing here:

But for anyone looking for a simple game tracker there will be one in the next couple of months. Or maybe now that Raptr is closing I'll work harder on it and get it up sooner. Ideal time is to get it up before the end of the month but there's still quite a bit to be done.

Make sure to download your game time so long! I'll be adding an import function into the site.

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You should post on 4chan's gaming or /r/gaming and ask for some help. I'm sure there are people with the skills and time to help make it happen. Maybe also contact companies like AMD, nVidia, Razer etc and ask if they'd like to partner up?


So we are 5 october and Raptr is still live, something has changed ?


Additionnally, my Raptr json didn't take all my playtime, for exemple 540 hours on a game instead of 844.


Anyone has similar problems ?

@Danicela - Nothing has changed. The date of Sept 30th was signifying the start of when certain functions would be disabled; but it's a slow roll out. We apologize for the confusion.


I wrote a bot for discord that will only track what you allow discord to show as what you are playing. If you want to check it out feel free to join the server:

However if you prefer not to do that and have your own community you'd rather stick with, it can be invited into your server as well:

There are some features that are still being worked one. One being a website that will have a profile for your account much like how xfire and raptr worked as well as a raptr import that can be done either through discord or through the website.

The command to get more information is \played help

 Nice ZERO1UP! My site is still going to take a while to complete.

SolitudeSA, are you still working on your programm? It sounds great and I would be interested in using it. Please let me know!


 Hi Taketheotherside. Thanks, ye I'm still working on it. It's been going well. To be realistic I'm targeting the end of the year to have the first release up and running.

 Awesome, looking forward to it! :)

Hello all

Just wanted to mention that I've installed an alternative to Raptr called Gameplay Time Tracker.

This software can be downloaded here:

I've been running GTT alongside Raptr for the last 2 months and it's working well and is quite flexible (is easy to manually add hours for games if needed).

I've asked the author of the program if he will add support for Raptr. He will try adding support for importing Raptr hours. I've sent him my JSON to test. He asked to mention to the Raptr community that you can send him your Raptr JSON file if you want. The more sample data he gets the better parser will be. His email is

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