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Account connection/tracking Problems

Ok, new forum, same Problem.
The Xbox Live and PSN Problem is still existent and it still bothers me.
I know you "have a lot of stuff" to do, but this Problem remains and that's why I've create this ticket.
Are you running low on staff?

Oh and I still can't manually add League of Legends. After downloading a different client, my original client got disconnected from raptr. After deletion of the new client, League was completely missing in raptr's game list.

For me, raptr is currently only providing 50% of it's former service

€: Oh, just noticed that this isn't a Ticket, won't change anything tho, I guess

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So, just to let you know,

We are aware of the connection problem of both PSN and Xbox on the client, but we currently have no immediate plans in place to resolve the connection issue.

As well, as we have before more PC focused, I am unsure if we will, but I will let you know if I hear one way or the other.

As for your League of Legends stuff, I've converted that part to a ticket.

Then maybe you should put that on the client somewhere, instead of just having it say "check the following, and try again in an hour." I've been trying to get my PSN ID verified for a few days now, not realizing I was apparently wasting my time :-(.


Yeah, if you guys aren't going to support console tracking then take it out and announce it to the users. It's been broken for MONTHS!! I originally signed on so I'd have a place to track my game usage across multiple systems. If that's not what raptr's about anymore then at least let the users know. If true I really don't have any use for the site anymore.

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This guy definitely has a point

no tracking, no go. Without tracking this service has no point, because STEAM IS PC FOCUSED, with games for sale, GVR, and twitch streaming now available. Now your app has become a steam wanna be with very inferior optimization when compared to Nvidia Xperience. So I beg you please work on the things that make you different, and stand out from similar services.


It's a shame... I only use this site to track and make rankings with my friends on XBOX... Without track it's useless no just for me but to a lot of members...


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Well I guess I am done with this site the only reason I use it was to track Xbox stuff. No reason to keep this installed anymore. I wish you would reconsider your take on this and maybe say something about. At least I know why none of my xbox one stuff has ever tracked. 

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I'm leaving. If it's not tracking my PSN trophies, I have no reason to use Raptr anymore.

@APA_ZAROZO - Sorry to see you go! If you are ever interested in PC Game tracking or recording gameplay, feel free and look us up in the future!

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