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desktop raptr probllems

raptr when i click on raptr library bar double click instead of going to library it maxmize raptr and when i launch a game it will not show my game playing at all

Are you currently on the most current version of Raptr?

As for the game detection, what game is it?

it not anymore it back to normal but now i cant raptr points even tho itsay im playing ie exiit no point ntoficitiaiton that i usually get what up with that?

It appears you are getting points for gameplay. Are you still having an issue?

nope i just start exit my game it not giving my points wtf im tired of raptr problems

You are reaching the gameplay RP cap every day it seems. It looks like your earning RP as normal. It appears your issue has been resolved. Let us know if you have any other issues.

nope by time u answer it useless worst customer service behind discover bank now it being high it wont let me game i click on it  it only maxime the raptr optimziation again even tho it was optimzie it sign inrandom account for no reason raptr is shitty

Here is a screenshot from your account. You will notice that you are reaching the gameplay cap of 60 RP per day whether you are playing Max Payne or Dead Island. I'm afraid I don't fully understand what problem you're running across because if it is about getting RP for gameplay, this does show that you're getting RP as intended. 

This is what I get. closed in processes. But still running! Ahhhhhhhhhh ! I have 3800 rp. Help!

@Trusted_Vassal - No instances of raptr.exe at all?

ive been getting issues with Raptr when its in task bar at buttom and i scroll over it  disapears and i try manualy tracking games but points wont add up ive intstalled it over 10 times still nothing im losing beaucoup points plz help!

@wastelander721 - I've replied to your ticket regarding your issue.

yes installed it ten times allready updated up the waazoo i did and now waiting for ticket reply

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