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New support site

Not a big fan of the default design of the new system.  Does it come with any alternative interfaces by any chance that can be selected on an account level?

Unfortunately, there isn't a different view based on an account-to-account basis, but generally we can change some things. However, the Raptr staff did enjoy our current layout the most based on the options we had. What changes would you make though?

I like the new system, only thing that jumps out at me is how huge everything is aside from the text in posts, those are perfect. But the main forum view? I have to scroll a mile just to get past everything :P I have a decent sized monitor, and only being able to view a max of 4 categories on my screen at once makes it scream ITS TO BIG! :D Maybe it makes it easier for you guys, guess thats all that matters in the end :)

Oh uhh side thing that still deals with the new site: How do we know if your staff that posts? Your posts look just like ours.

What Shaggy said essentially.  There's a fair bit of wasted real estate going on with the current design resulting in less information on-screen at any time.

Highlighting staff posts is more important though I think.  I hadn't seen a staff post yet so hadn't noticed.

I don't need to be highlighted, I'm cool just like you guys! Just want to hang in with the crowd!


I'll bring it up with Burn and see what options we can do regarding highlighting forum posts from admins. Our main focus (and solution) was the ticket system which was majorly needed. Those don't require any kind of highlight from an admin, so maybe we just didn't look at it. 

As for the layout, we can actually see things from about 2 or 3 different views depending on how extensive we're answering. But I do see what you mean by the real-estate being a bit large. Unfortunately, we're not hosting the forum/support system so we're left with a few templates to work from with some CSS changes. We don't have 'full control' of what everything looks like. Either way, I'll still check in and see what can be changed. 

EDIT - Just talked to Burn. So the Admin highlighting is fairly possible, and maybe the layout changes of how the forums look. However, we're just very focused on solving the problems, answering posts, closing out tickets before we engage and spend time on bells and whistles, so to speak. We have full intentions, but just with our small CS team we don't want to dedicate hours to "I wonder if I can do this...." when others are complaining that their RP is missing, GVR not working, etc. 

However, we both greatly appreciate both of your guys feedback and let us know if you have anything else. We do take the feedback to heart (and especially with new things like our Support system and

The new forums and ticket system seem nifty, but I agree that the layout is rather HUGE and blocky for a forum system. Can't you guys turn the square modules on the main page into long rows instead? Would make it look more forum-like.

Not a bad idea. Are you thinking that for the forum topics ("AMD Gaming Evolved Help", "Website Feedback", etc) or in general just the forum posts? Or both?

I'll agree that I'm not a huge fan of the "Index Card" look of the current forum topics, and the coloring on the forum posts could change up a bit to add a bit more contrast. Seems a bit too bright for my taste. Granted, I see the forums, tickets, posts, etc from another point of view with a different UI.

Forum posts are fine, it's the blocky main page that makes it look un-forum-like.

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