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Game tracking has been stuck for about two.days this week

This sunday tracking was stuck and didn't stopped until monday. Today it has been stuck again since yesterday. This problem seems to happen more often than before Is this issue ever going to get fixed?

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mine has been stuck on "playing" viva piñata since October. I've played multiple games since then and it stills says playing.

We're still investigating the issue, but it's not a #1 concern. But due to the volume of comments/posts it's starting to get higher on the priority list. I'll bring it up again and see where we're at. Sorry for the inconvenience.

"We're still investigating the issue, but it's not a #1 concern."

Then remove the tracking portion of the site. 


Then remove the tracking portion of the site."
that's literally the only reason why I and I would assume several others use Raptr...


@LTS55 I agree

"Then remove the tracking portion of the site."

That would require more work than fixing the problem. 

That's the thing, every time the problem happens, it's neglected so all the resources can be pooled into the streaming or something on the PC side. 

my tracking has not been reporting my games played the past few weeks. I am about to say forget it and just uninstall.

@dethskin: Are you talking about manually adding time, or just detecting game time in general? If so, which game?

Just detecting game time in general.

Did this get worked on Verun?

It actually tracked some time for when I played Strider.

First time it automatically tracked anything in weeks.


I don't think it's 100% good yet.

It's still spotty, so there are times it'll grab everything when it gets a chance. Still looking to get it working up to full speed though.

@LTS55 Indeed, it's the most important thing I care about the site, the tracking of games, and see others. And compare to others.

But it never worked greatly. Just need to see the end of the year summary. Mine was completelly different to the reality.

Seems that only tracks correctly SOME of the days using it at the same time as steam, else it's impossible to get any info from steam correctly.

For example yesterday I played 7,5h of Saint Row IV and earned an achievement, today I had to launch the game in order to raptr get the info: added the achievement but no pllaytime.

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