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Manual tracking stuck

Since yesterday I have problems with manual tracking. For example tried to add 3h to Freedom Wars (Vita), but after 10-15h the tracker still keeps going on, and there's no way to cancel it.

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Same. Mass Effect 2 has been stuck since the 27th.


The last time it was stuck, it added 10 extra hours, making it 16 hours added, when I only wanted 6 added.

I understand auto gametime tracking being a problem, but how can manual tracking be so hard to get to work right?

You add 2 hours, it adds 2 hours to your total time. No clue how you could mess that up.

Oh great... So it finally stopped tracking, but it added 11h to one of my games, and 21h to another. Dammit Raptr, first you take from us the ability to track console achievements, and now even the manual tracking of game time stopped working? I'm so tired of this site...

Had the same problem with shadow of mordor.

Same problem with FFIX, added 3 hours yesterday but it still keeps tracking on the website, plz fix, that thing crucial to the service.

P.S. Could you remove the 22 hours of shadow of mordor please? cause it should be 12.

We're aware of the issue and looking into solving it. In the meantime, if you realize that there is an issue where it extended the time beyond what you had initially intended, let me know. I can make small alterations to the time to hopefully make them accurate. Felix_Leonhart, I went ahead and changed back the time to 12 hours for you.

Oh, so Raptr can change wrong Gameplay time now?

Good to know.

Mass Effect 2 has been stuck again for over a day, since I last added time to it. Hopefully it'll just add the time normally after this bug fixes itself, and I won't have to ask.

thank you, glad to see that the support is good here) 

well, ffix (psn) is still counting (second day), changing to 15 min didn't stop it.

 this issue has happened to me too. It happened previously several months back, but now it seems completely broken.

The alterations I can make are, unfortunately, more complicated than "Insert X hours here". So it's not an insanely easy fix to do. Fixing the problem is definitely the long-term goal, but this can at least help some users out (plus it's happening more frequently and for longer volumes of time). 

I can only change it if:

1) The time has already stopped. 

2) It's a reasonable amount of time (within the 6 hour time frame). I won't add the 300+ hours of World of Warcraft for you.

3) It's a single session. I can attempt to correct multiple sessions, but it becomes a huge time sink and easier to just change one. 

4) This is not a chance to update all your game time quickly. I'm merely doing this to help everyone who is having the recent issue.

 Same here. I played Gran Turismo 4 4hours, but Raptr still going - 55h at this moment. Please fix it :)

I have also the same problem, with PS2 Final Fantasy XII for a change. Started tracking some time yesterday and still counting.

well, guess the issue was fixed) Thank you Raptr Staff ^_^

My tracking has been all over the place with either staying stuck too long, or Raptr simply isn't aware that I played a game. This is especially noticeable for tracking Xbox 360 times. Is there any update to what's going on behind the scenes? To be frank I have had problems with Raptr for the last four months minimum and its disheartening not knowing if things will ever be back up and running again. What's up, hope you guys are able to figure all of this out!

@ShadowWolf120 - How often is it happening to you? Is it any game, or one specifically? Are they only 360 games? We're still trying to get it down, but the manual tracking shouldn't be different or any game/platform.

I had one another glitch too, after many which worked all right. This time it was Mass Effect for PC. Only minor one - made 10 hours from what was around 7 - but the first was meant to last two and half hour, I did not start second until more than four hours later and still it merged them together and made much longer in effect. 

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