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Manual tracking stuck

Since yesterday I have problems with manual tracking. For example tried to add 3h to Freedom Wars (Vita), but after 10-15h the tracker still keeps going on, and there's no way to cancel it.

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Again. Please fix it ;)


I got the status sent message in last night when sent the manual tracking and sent the msg here cause time didn't update within 15mins. It wasn't updated even in 1hr,but today after 8hrs i noticed that it was updated for both Dragon's Dogma & Injustice: Gods Among Us and both are PS3 games :) So it's nice to see that manual tracking works for this time at least and with 1hr+ delay.

Wish good sunday and new week for everyone :)

Friendly regards: 35y old & long time Pc and PS 1-3 Gamer.


I had long gaming session on PS3 today and it was only in Injustice: Gods Among Us <3 I tried to add that time or almost all of it as max that i can add once is 6hrs. I played 6hrs40mins and added 6hrs,but it's not updated to status and i'm not trying to cheat with gaming time as cheating not part of my living policy. Also seems that achivements that have got looong time in Steam not being updated to games here in Raptr website. My overall Injustice adventure time is about 10hrs. Hopefully this / these will be fixed.

Wish good sunday and new week for everyone :)

Friendly regards:  35y old and long time Pc & Playstation 1-3 Gamer


@Ninjahuey - Fixed it for you. Just had to recrawl the hours instead of manually going in there and adding 71 hours :p

Hey uh can you fix my hours ? I have 111 hours on Crea on Raptr, but everytime I end a session on steam, my hours are always ahead of my Raptr hours and I always have Raptr running.

Crea : Listed 111 hours should be 182 hours


 @Verun Thank you! That's been bugging me for a while. keep up the good work!

@LTS55 - I resolved your issue and changed the times for you. Thanks for giving a good format to follow for the changes needed.

I added 45 minutes of Pokemon Omega Ruby the other day (I had about 35 hours manually tracked overall before) and it just said "You've played 55 hours of Pokemon Omega Ruby" and shows my played time as 54 hours now.

Is there a way I can have the following titles of times logged on my profile (which were wrong due to a site bug) be fixed?:
Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS): Listed 54 hours, should be 35
Binding of Isaac Rebirth (PS4): Listed 24 hours, should be 45 minutes
Thomas was Alone (PSN): listed 19 hours, should be 2 hours 45 minutes
Killzone Mercenary (PS Vita): Listed 32 Hours, should be 16 hours


I created a support ticked about this 2 months ago, but it was never answered. I would love it if this issue could be fixed.

 Again. I played Gran Turismo 3: A Spec 1hour, but tracker still keps going on, 12hours at this moment. Please fix this again :D

I had one another glitch too, after many which worked all right. This time it was Mass Effect for PC. Only minor one - made 10 hours from what was around 7 - but the first was meant to last two and half hour, I did not start second until more than four hours later and still it merged them together and made much longer in effect. 

@ShadowWolf120 - How often is it happening to you? Is it any game, or one specifically? Are they only 360 games? We're still trying to get it down, but the manual tracking shouldn't be different or any game/platform.

My tracking has been all over the place with either staying stuck too long, or Raptr simply isn't aware that I played a game. This is especially noticeable for tracking Xbox 360 times. Is there any update to what's going on behind the scenes? To be frank I have had problems with Raptr for the last four months minimum and its disheartening not knowing if things will ever be back up and running again. What's up, hope you guys are able to figure all of this out!

well, guess the issue was fixed) Thank you Raptr Staff ^_^

I have also the same problem, with PS2 Final Fantasy XII for a change. Started tracking some time yesterday and still counting.

 Same here. I played Gran Turismo 4 4hours, but Raptr still going - 55h at this moment. Please fix it :)

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