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Raptr client authorize this location

The desktop client keeps asking me to verify my location which I have done several times now.

Why does it keep asking me to verify?

We're currently running across an issue where it may ask to verify your location several times. We're looking deeper into the issue and hope to get it resolves soon. In the mean time, if this is ever barring you from purchasing anything in the rewards store, let us know and we can help you out.

 Same issue here. If I try to purchase something I get a request to authorize my email and check my spam folder - but I never receive anything!


Same issue here. I'm trying to buy some stuff and i keep getting a request to authorize my email. I check my spam folder, and nothing!

If you're having trouble purchasing something, let me know what reward it is. I can probably help get you the reward since this isn't the processing error issue. 

However, I also enabled a few of the locations for you. I personally can't see a reason why you would not receive the email for authorization.

I have same problem and its lasting like 2 months now,every single time if i want to do something it asks me to authorize my location.......

Yep, still ongoing for me but as verun said they are looking into it.

same here just made a ticket emails never came very frustrating

3 month later, still ongoing.
I receive garbage mail, to say someone let a comment (I don't care about) on a topic where I just answered to someone, just fine.
But when it comes to verifying location, lol nope.


@Kannu - I believe with a little more research we're finding lately that Hotmail accounts have been getting issues with getting some of our emails. We're still investigating as we get more reports in.

i am getting the same error i want to buy smite 200 gems

@Verun : It seems the problem is, at least in my case, only and specificly with that validation mail. I was notify just fine everytime someone answered here.


Ver un I hace 2000 raptr points. Could you change me them for 200 smite gems beca use I really need them and I cant buy them tnx for attention
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