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Exiting game after saving replay using Steam Big Picture

I recently tried out the replay feature of Raptr while I was gaming in Steam Big Picture mode. On exiting the game, the window popped up to let me review and do whatever to my video. This pops up over the top of Steam Big Picture, which renders the Steam app inoperable without accessing my mouse. There also doesn't seem to be a way to completely disable this popup in the options, which would be nice, as I very rarely want to look at or process my videos directly after playing anyway. The option for "Do not show promotions...." doesn't affect this action, nor does disabling the in-game overlay, and I have pop up notifications set to off.



What resolution of the game are you running? And also resolution of Windows. Does this happen in multiple games, all games, only certain ones? 

Just want to double-check and make sure it's Steam Big Picture or game-related.

Thanks for replying. I have taken a DXDiag while connected to the Big Picture display device, so you can find those details on pastebin here. The short answers are


[*] Playing Alien: Isolation

[*] Windows 8.1

[*] Desktop resolution and game resultion 1920x1080 60Hz


This is the first time I have attempted to use the replay feature, so I've only tried it in this one game. Since it's a notification that popped up when I exited the game, I assumed it was a standard occurrence for any games where a replay has been saved to allow the user to view any new replays recorded during that session. I can check some other titles if you like, but the only other game I have played on Big Screen mode is Skyrim, where I didn't have replay enabled at all (actually probably before I even had the Raptr software installed).

Let me know what you'd like me to do.

EDIT: I did just notice that the DXDiag detects my "monitor" as my receiver (Pioneer VSX-LX51), rather than the TV (Pioneer C509A), and also that the native resolution is listed as 50Hz, rather than 60Hz (from Australia, so PAL TV). Not sure if this would have an impact?

Unfortunately, we currently don't have a lot of support for Big Picture mode in Steam, so you may run across issues like this. However, it is good feedback that we can change the option of when, or if, the video review comes up. I'll definitely bring it up. I won't have an ETA on a fix though, sorry. Let us know if you have any other issues though.

All good. Thanks for the reply. I'm not really a big video recorder of games and I don't really play much in big picture mode. In truth, generally, when I'm in big picture mode, my keyboard isn't really in an ideal spot to hit the save replay hot key anyway. It was just something I tried out to see how it would go, as that game can make some nice, tense scenes that might be worth a watch. When I do a Steam screen shot it prompts in a way that I can accept or decline reviewing the screen shots using the controller, so something like that might be a possibility, albeit probably more difficult being a third party client as opposed to an integrated solution.

Anyway thanks for taking a look and conversing with me.



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