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Achivements not updating

I recently unlocked some steam achievements for games like Mafia II, LIMBO, The Darkness II and they never show up on raptr. The "sync achievements from steam" button doesn't work neither, it says to check back in 3 hours but no new achievements show up. I know some months back i used to receive a PM after syncing achievements from steam was done, but i don't receive it anymore since 3-4 months back.  It just says to check back in 3 hours and that's it, nothing else changes.

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the same problem, last achievements sync is from 02/12/2014

We're still working to get the Steam achievement and time played crawling accurately. 

My raptr doesn't sync even steam hours by pressing button "Sync Steam hours with Raptr "

Which games are not getting synced?

(If it's all of them, can you let me know a few)

I guess, all of them. For example: Grim Dawn, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dragon Age: origins, Dragon's Dogma.
If it's important, some of games added to raptr after i played it, but not all.
Thank's for reply, i didn't sing in raptr long time but want to come back


I want to say it's related to how "new" the game is. I believe we are aware of this issue, but unsure when it will get resolved. It's been around for some time.

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