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PSN tracking still needs to be fixed.

So um, yeah, work on that. It's unbelievably frustrating how long it hasn't worked.

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Please, fix PSN integration…

+1 Plz fix it cause it's for one of the core features. 


Maybe if they keep changing forums, people will stop reminding them that nothing in the app/site works except executable tracking...

Honestly, I'd actually be sympathetic to them if they gave an actual reason instead of just descending into the forums to tell us to shut up and deal with it while placing blame on whatever API they're working with and providing no details as to why there's a problem and why it's taking literally years to fix...

So yeah, I guess they are done caring about PSN tracking. Gonna focus more on the PC cause there's a huge need for that. OH WAIT, STEAM HAS STREAMING BUILT IN NOW???

Bye raptr, I am gonna wait for my 2014 Gaming summary then I'm out of here. Was good while it lasted I suppose.

I agree with all of you. This issue has been happening for a long, long time and needs to be fixed.


There are a few posts elsewhere saying that raptr is going to focus on PC and will not be fixing psn and xbox tracking any time soon. I have written about what I'm doing instead in another post but it can be time consuming depending on what functionality you want. Trophy tracking is an easy one if you are only using xbox or psn.

Link to my post:

 I've been looking at Exophase but unfortunately it would only carry over my Steam PC stuff and I've got a fair amount of log that was ported over as far back as Xfire. Manually moving my stuff to Howlongtobeat would take way too long but I've been adding things here and there that actually give me a completion time at the end. Unfortunately, there's not a ton of other options at the moment that will cover tracked times and profiles

Yeah, its a shame, Raptr really was a great site.  I removed the desktop app sometime ago, and just recently stopped logging into the website to manually track game time.  I won't kill off my account, as its nice to have the old info from back when Raptr was tracking all my gaming, but yeah...  If anyone finds an alternative, please share with the class!  I'll probably stop by the forum here now and again, hoping against hope that Raptr will go back to console support.

Such a shame... so sad to see this site become a shell of its old self. At this point if the people at Raptr had any class they would remove all mention or support (what little there is) of anything Xbox or Playstation. Remove the broken code that is left and actually move on rather than get upset at long term Raptr members who are upset at the transition of the site when there was NO clear communication when this happened. It is honestly the most heart breaking thing I have seen for a website.. I was so invested in this site and spent so much time and energy helping out, testing things and building up my stats to one day finally realizing after pulling teeth to get answers that yep.. they do not give a shit any longer about those that were here at the beginning. 

I am fine with whatever direction those that own the site want to go in.. but seriously the communication has been so horrible. JUST BE HONEST..  well sadly the time for that has past and while their numbers might be better than ever those new members will NEVER be as invested as the ones who were passionate about helping you build this place.

I hardly use Raptr any longer.. just came here to see if anything has changed and it is the same BS just in a new spot so they can ignore all the other issues in the old forums.... Here is to hoping I win the next mega millions and create a site that does what many of us want.. and will never worry about clicks or metrics or any of the BS many other sites do. A gamer can always dream right.


We've been as honest as we possibly can. I apologize if you think we've been pulling the wool over your eyes. 

Yes, PSN and Xbox connectivity is down. No, we don't plan on fixing it in the foreseeable future. 

It hasn't been fixed because we currently don't have the time to fix it. However, let me know if there is anything else you need to know.

Also the new website for tracking has nothing to do with changing forums so we can "ignore people's cries and plees". It allows us to track tickets and issues better sorting them with tags and also allowing us more room for customization (e.g. We can fix a CSS issue without having to get a web engineer involved, or to contact the host). 

Keep in mind U2NUMB, Raptr had to make changes. Is sticking to our original plan and focus worth it if we died out in the end? We're still evolving and figuring out what our final form is, but so far it has been working for us. Sorry to see you go.


First, things first, I want to honestly thank you for the first bit of actual transparency I've seen around here in I don't know how long. Not being sarcastic, because honestly, the complete reticence to admit the situation and continue the line of "everything's fine" has been the part that has, at least personally, made this situation frustrating/mildly insulting as opposed to something merely disappointing. People are pissed mainly because, they don't know. The fact that you don't have time to fix these things means either you're way shorter staffed than people here are assuming or the company is going in another direction which is taking time away from other projects (from fixing PSN/XBL/Chat integration to say, streaming services...). While AMD might just be an affiliate, many people likely see that as you having access to resources that you may not actually have, which worsens the perception.

Tinfoil hat time. Presently, it feels like there's an Xfire type shift going on (suddenly going from PC tracking, to streaming, to ditching the whole lot to become "The leading Esports whatever site!"). The increased focus and partnerships relating to streaming would make one consider that Raptr is looking to establish a foothold and eventually move into being a primarily PC focused streaming site (likely with the stats bit intact to a degree). Obviously, you can't just be up front about it and go "Yeah, this is happening" as you watch console users wonder off because you're trying to build that momentum, but ultimately you're causing damage with the damage control. 

The decline and shift in priorities is pretty obvious to anyone who's been here for a while, so it feels a bit insulting when there's no answer or when things just keep being overlooked in the hopes that we'll stop asking about it. I guess the bottom line is, if you guys need to change things to keep your jobs, that's fine, you gotta do what you've gotta do, but you'd catch less flak from people if you were open with the community. Throw a post down: BOOM: "State of Raptr: Game plan for the future" and let people know what's going on. Yeah, people are going to bitch. They're going to quit. Spoilers: They'll do that regardless of how you approach it and stringing them along is just delaying that inevitability. Now, if you're hands are being tied by some kind of NDA with your partners, well, I can only offer sympathies.

@Kordesh  Well said my friend.. spot on.

@Verun  You can not honestly tell me that you have been upfront about this process over the last 2 years can you? I can go back to the old forums and pull quotes from Burn where he admitted that communication has been very bad on Raptr's behalf. I understand things need to change... it is the holding onto the broken past without clear info that has people upset. Again .. why not just remove all games and info and data for platforms that you no longer have interest in tracking? THAT would be honest and upfront. Right now we see you having to post the same line over and over in the many threads about not supporting systems that you have listed in our accounts and identities section of everyones profile. 

Some of us had personal relationships with the previous Raptr group of people and the back and forth was fantastic for the better part of half a decade. I think that is the part you are missing here.. this is not just a few of us bitching to bitch.. this site was PERSONAL to us and I think we all could have accepted a new direction if you were HONEST and upfront about the clear direction of the site. Make a post that says "Hey guess what, things are changing and here is why and where we are going". But then REMOVE the systems that are broken .. if you want to go in a new direction then go full steam into it and not drag out the process for those of us who loved what Raptr once was. Pull that band aid off quickly so that we can heal and move on.

Again.. I honestly do not expect you to get why this is something deeper to me than a website. I have emails and voice messages on my phone from past Raptr employees... they actually reached out to us well before anything was going to change and asked for ideas and we had great back and forth. I have more time invested in this site than you do yet I have no say any longer. While I accept that obviously as I am not being paid it hurts as if I was part of helping build what once was.

So again.. I am not bitching simply to bitch.. I am truly sad at how the site has treated older fans when I know upfront communication could have solved many of our issues, or at least made the process quicker. If you think you have been up front and clear then I guess you and I have a different idea of how to treat a community and what to share and when to share it. Which is fine.. you get to help drive the bus in a new direction, I get to take a different bus to a totally different place where I hope does not turn its back eventually on the community that helped create it.


We'd love to rip the bandaid off.

I'd honestly LOVE to have it all either fixed or removed.

Here's the utter long and the short of it.

We're trying to hire more people, so that we have more hands on deck. So, time is being put into that.

We're working on with the same exact number of people that were working on Raptr, so we literally have 2 websites going at once.

The final decision has not come down the pipes as to what is utterly being done in regards to tracking, achievements, or any of those things that most of our legacy users really enjoyed. So as there is no final decision, we can't tell you guys, "Look here's the plan." It's still being discussed.

But it's being discussed by the same people who are also discussing new features, working on new partnerships for Raptr to become a viable product/company that can be sold or purchased. We're entering out 8th year as a Start up. We're not a public company, we work solely off of investors. Eventually all companies are either purchased or go public.

We have a board of investors, a team of product designers and managers, and a crap ton of engineers (with more on the way). What we don't have? Customer service reps. Content team members. While we are actively working on getting more in order to better service users, we just don't have the numbers right now.

Back on point, the removal of ANYTHING isn't just a 'rip it off and forget it' I'm sure you know that U2NUMB, so I'm not really trying to explain it to you personally, but for others, for example, the removal of let's say the PSN gamertag:

  • Remove front end visual from listed gamertags on profile page
  • Remove gamercard for PNS on profile page
  • Remove PSN option from gamercards
  • Remove PSN entry from the gamertag & identities preference page
  • Remove the connection allowance from the client (to be done by the client team, on 2 clients)
  • Remove visual assets indicating PSN connection
  • Remove EVERY SINGLE achievement drop down selection option for PSN Game

That's just to visually remove it. To actually remove it, it's all of that and:

  • Remove the code to verify PSN connections
  • Remove the code to connect PSN connections (both web and client teams)
  • Rebuild the entire Raptr achievement database, deleting all entries of PSN achievements (The load from this alone could require the site to be down for at least a day, or for us to offload on more servers)
  • Remove all crawlers that crawl PSN for trophies (whether they are working currently or not)

This is just my take on it, not including any other documented things I may be missing. Basically, it's about a month (possibly longer) to remove it, now let's just multiply that by 2 so we can include Xbox connections. Then let's toss in half a month's worth of work for some other common connection complaints for chat services. So nearly a quarter of the year to remove all of these features, flat out.

So why not fix it instead of remove it?  It's still time we don't have right now.

Now am I being a negative nancy (sorry to anyone named nancy that saying really sucks)? Yes. Am I exaggerating about the time it would take? No. It'd probably take more.

That all being said. Most of the time Verun and I have been stating : "We don't have any plans currently or in the future to fix", is blunt, and true. But the fact of the matter is, we also don't have a plan on when they'll be removed either. So rather than give anyone a false sense of hope, we took the harder path, knowing that we were going to have to address it multiple times, to reiterate.


Yes, you're right, we used to call users, offer them access to betas, or previews of the site, get input, and do many other things. We also used to have only 1 product manager, making all of the decisions as to where things would go and what direction we'd head in (okay, obviously the board and the ceo have some huge say in this too).

But in 2014, we went from 1, to 6 people on the product team. Now there is a whole team. We basically got a think tank. Does this mean that there is less say from the users now? Well yes. We don't have to offload and go back and forth, and try and make everyone happy all at once. Does this suck? Sure. It feels like something has been taken from you. You have to remember I have been a user since 2008. I joined the company in 2011. One of my first things was to try and be a big voice for the users, and get input. People did call users, we even used some of the mock ups you yourself designed, they were great!

But now, as there are more product team members, we're just not in that place anymore. It's hurtful, believe me, I know. We don't just sit around and brainstorm ideas anymore. There is a rather large design scheme being followed now.

As for upfront communication, you can ask Bazman, there has never been true upfront communication, sure sometimes we were able to get some stuff out early, but not often.

The customer service team tries really hard, but we're giving support, filing issues, trying to fix other issues, and pay attention to new features coming out, and do our best to communicate them (we posted all over the forums about the change to this support platform the moment we knew).

If turning our back on a community is not telling users what is coming out, then unfortunately we've been doing that for years.

Sometimes, we're not allowed to mention it, because of something internally, other times we've been burned in the past.... we've taken a look at something in our preview environment (where we see all the changes in action), we talk about it, only to realize it wasn't able to be finished or was pushed off the table due to time constraints. So, we have to be really careful on what we say is coming. Normally, we work in 3 week sprints. Which means, every 3 weeks we're releasing some kind of update. If we took a look in the first week, it could be vastly different than week 2 or 3. That being said, having to check constantly for what changes are coming out, then communicating to users, is time, regrettably, I don't have right now. I AM trying to get more CS people (the team is up to 3 now! Yay!), but until we get our team larger, we still will continue to have spotty communication.


Boom. There. That's it. That's exactly what I've been looking for this whole time. That's something I can completely sympathize with (I work in an unrelated tech sector as one of the guys who has to spotfix the shotgun of grand sweeping changes our startup gone mid sized likes to throw out). That list of items to "just remove it" is absolutely correct, because I've found myself having to make very similar explanations as to why something seemingly simple got re-prioritized because, bottom line, there are not enough people working on things to handle everything being done at once. I just wish we didn't have to give you guys such a hard time to hear it. I'll be sticking around for as long as it makes sense for me to (unfortunately, if things do eventually become streaming/video only, not a whole lot I can do living in a bandwidth black hole ): ) but I honestly wish you guys luck on getting this all sorted out.