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No trophies or achievements tracking

I have a lot of achievements missing on my profile, not just that but now the desktop app doesn't do anything functional. Yes it may help to stream videogames but I still don't think Raptr is a site that anyone would go to if they are interested on the streaming thing. I still think raptr is mostly use to have game time and achievements and trophies collection.

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Actually, our main focus is aiming towards streaming and recording. It's become very good for us as a company and we have more users now than we ever did with just game time and achievements. While I doubt we'll stop game tracking and achievements, they have become a lower priority than they were a year ago or so. We understand that tracking game time was some user's main use for the site, but Raptr had to look at other opportunities and ideas to keep growing. 

You mentioned some achievements were not working though. Can you name a few?

Oh I know raptr change the focus of being a tracking website, to e a poor man's twitch, yeah I know that and it's a shame. 

Every achievement and trophy, the app doesn't work anymore for tracking every single achievement, so by that it's obvious that every trophy on ps3 is missing, but not just that, for some reason one day the website stopped tracking achievements, so for example I completed ME3 recently meaning I won every achievement, i have like a half here on raptr, TMNT OotS is another game that is not registering at least on the achievement side and the las one is I think prototype. 

By the way since is a low priority for you guys fixing these problems I think it will be a high priority for me to have an account that do what raptr did best and after finding it I am going to erase my account here, because if I want to be a streamer or watch a stream there is youtube and twitch, since those websites are the best for that. 

Yup, I already switched to

It doesn't do retro or hour tracking but at least it freaking works.

Oh okay! You are talking about console achievements. Yes, those have been down a while. We still have to find time to correct those. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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