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Will Broadcast get the same love that Record just received?

Broadcast for me is useless at the moment.  I'm wondering if Raptr can sound in if they'll have an update for it in the near future?  Great work with Record!

New forum, no comments?

Most users create tickets for their issues instead of looking at the forums. I personally look over the forums, but had to take some time to help with the tickets (because there is so many). 

I take it when you mean broadcast, you mean Twitch streaming? It's very possible as both streaming and video uploads are becoming increasingly popular. Is there any specific thing you would want to make it better? You state that it's useless; are you unable to use it? Let me know what you personally think would make it better.

<p>I am referring to Twitch streaming.  It is useless to me because the quality is so blocky, even on the highest settings.  And by blocky, I mean completely unwatchable.  The recent update to the Record functionality was excellent, bringing Raptr record quality practically up to par with other tools I use, but the broadcast functionality(Twitch) is poor.  Sometimes its one long blocky, blurry recording with out-of-sync audio or it creates several small 2-3 second broadcasts on Twitch, resulting in dozens of videos during a test run.</p>


My settings for Broadcast:

Max Bitrate: 3000

Max Framerate: 30

Max Video Resolution: 50%

The above Twitch settings mirror my Open Broadcaster settings of the below as closely as possible:

Max Bitrate: 3000

Framerate: 45

Video Resolution: 720

I'm using an AMD R9 290x


To make broadcast(or record for that matter) better, firstly for broadcast, quality(in my case anyway) needs to be fixed.  

But in regards to functionality and options, all that is really needed after quality is attained is customizability of the streaming/recording options.  More bitrate options, more framerate and resolution options.  In the case of bitrate options, it's probably realistic to allow a number to be inputted by the user and verified by the program as a legit bitrate value.  Framerate, what about 20 and 25 which are common numbers, especially in tv/movie industry.  I like 45 as a good balance between the often too-low number of 30 and the possibly too high or resource intensive 60.  Better resolution options/descriptions would be helpful too.  Is 50% resolution, 50% of the total pixel count or each x,y value?  These would be good to know, it looks as though its 50% of each x,y value of the resolution, which is far less than 50% of the total pixel count, which is important, because there is a *massive* quality gap between a source res of 1080p and the 50% I'm getting.  Definitely need a 720p in there to bridge the gap, as a lot of ppl cant stream 1080p, and most shouldnt anyway.

Thanks for responding

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