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Game not in detection list

How come some games can't be added to my list?

I don't really care if they can be optimized or tracked (but preferrably), I just wanna use Raptr as an all-in-one game launcher for all my games.

For instance, the new Farming Simulator 15 is nowhere to be found in the list, but Farming Simulator 11 (EU) is. Which in itself is odd, because FS 2013 is not in the list, but is listed as optimizeable here: but FS11, that is on the detection list, can NOT be optimized. Very odd indeed...

So, why isn't FS15, or FS2013, in the detection list? Heck, why should there have to be a detection list? Why can't I just add the game by browsing to my .exe-file and be done with it?

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Sorry for the very late reply, had to work on a lot of the tickets and now I'm moving back to the forums. 

To answer your question, are you talking about the drop-down list? That is for non-steam games only. Steam games should be detected automatically, you may have to get into the game first though. We do have a detection for Farming Simulator 15.

Well, that's the problem - my version of Farmin Simulator 15 is NOT Steam. I bought it from the official website as a download.

Some games that can be bought on Steam are also available outside of Steam, as you probably know.

Absolutely, especially overseas. But more and more games are starting to go DRM-free, like Witcher games for example. Have you been able to automatically add it though?

It won't autodetect and I can't add it manually.

If it did, I wouldn't have this problem.

By the way, just out of curiosity, I looked through the "game_detection_pc.json" file, and there's ONLY detection for the Steam version of Farming Simulator 15, as far as I can tell.

You are correct, and I have to apologize that I had completely forgotten that we don't have a non-steam detection YET. I placed a ticket on detection to add one. I'll have to get an update, but I believe they are also swamped right now. I'll do what I can. Just a heads up, since I know that they will ask. What region are you in (Country)?

I'm in Sweden, so Europe.
I've been thinking, it would be better if one was able to select the .exe file of the game to add in Raptr, instead of just relying on autodetect.
Like, add manually, browse to and select .exe, the app checks .exe against database and adds the game if found, if not found it asks if you wanna add to list but no support until the game has been added, the game gets auto-sent as ticket to adding crew or something.


That is actually a very good idea, and we've gotten that feedback multiple times. I believe I am under the impression that Raptr would also like it to be that easy. Unfortunately, that would also require an entire re-do of our database and how we currently scan for games, etc. So if we do that, it will be quite the endeavor. Doesn't mean we don't want to do it though, but it'll probably be down the road....a very long road.

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