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Please repair the Desktop App

 Could you guys please at last fix the App one Time now to start connecting to psn again and track Achievements and Trophies as a holiday Gift for your Community?

Even if it works for just one day, at least it would update what happened the last months, yes it is months since it worked, that is really sad!

An please speak out when you guys are planning to fix that for good? next year, next month? You are a Company, so i think you should have sheduled that already or?

Waiting for a unknown date is massively annoying...

Thanks in Advance!

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We currently have no plans to fix it. That's pretty much it. Unfortunately, this issue is not as easy as flipping a switch. As mentioned in previous posts, we've focused on PC and when we have free time (which is not very often) we can look at side issues. 

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