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How to export game collection and/or Raptr alternative, psn and xbox not working

So after reading in another topic that there are no plans to fix xbox and psn, I'm wondering if there is an easy way to export my game collection so I can add the details into another tracking site? The other option is a list of alternatives that allow you to (manually or otherwise) track all consoles e.g. Nintendo 3ds as well as psn and xbox + steam/PC. The closest I have found is but it's going to be a pain trying to get all my games in there. I like that it has the ability to start a timer and you can also sort your games into lists according to completion status/ backlog or now playing. Any suggestions for making the process of moving to a new site less painful?

So I've manually added all my games into by keeping a tab for raptr open in my browser. Phew! A bit of a painful process (time consuming) but it's done now. I'm using howlongtobeat for keeping track of my games library and I like how the site helps you organise your games according to completion status and tells you how long each game takes to finish. I'm hoping this will help manage my backlog as I can sort by shortest completion and tackle those first. It even allows you to manually add a game that isn't in the database (I've used this to add upcoming games to my Wishlist as the site doesn't always have upcoming games) and there's also a heap of old games and consoles you can add!

From a purely games library management perspective I actually think this is a much better option than Raptr, mainly because of the time to complete information and ability to add games to a custom tab (which I'm using as a wish list).

For trophy tracking I'm using truetrophies and trueacheivements and have linked them together. For some reason truetrophies didn't seem to update until I upgraded to pro. After upgrading to pro, Truetrophies seems to be as reliable as Psnprofiles in it's ability to get trophy information from Sony but I haven't compared any other features at this stage.

So I haven't found an all-in-one solution but truetrophies and trueachievements I can essentially forget about, without needing a desktop app, leaving howlongtobeat as my new go-to site.

Howlongtobeat does have PC games as well but I'm not gaming on a PC at the moment so can't suggest an alternative for tracking trophies. Raptr may still be the best for PC.

I'd be interested to know how others are managing their library and trophies.
Unfortunately nothing does both but exophase works great for just trophies. I tried howlongtobeat but there's no point since it has. no social features. With no social, is far easier to use google spreadsheet to track my backlog.
I had considered just using a spreadsheet but I really wanted the completion times as well so I'd know roughly how long it would take to complete a game.

I also tried exophase but found it to be a bit temperamental. E.g. it sends daily tweets saying you are playing games based on when they were added, rather than when trophies were last earnt.

Truetrophies and trueachievements have social features (if by social you mean posting to social media?) but I don't need social features in Howlongtobeat since I'm only using it to manage my games library.

But to each their own, everyone has different functionality requirements.

Hmm... I don't have twitter setup with exophase so is not an issue for me.

By social, I meant comparing trophies and game time with friends, and the statistic comparison like the yearly summary on raptr. As howlongtobeat really only does completion times, google doc is just easier and faster for me. I can always check the average completion time on the site but I don't really need to track my entire library in there. it's good enough for me. I use Raptr just to keep track of game time for PC and console.

I recommend as an alternative to raptr.

It's a bit rough around the edges but it has a lot of features and even supports manual tracking for older consoles or Nintendo plattforms
Yesterday I programmed a small Java 1.7 program to extract my Raptr game collection from a pile of Game Collection HTML files (I had 29) into a CSV spreadsheet.
The program and instructions are in my devianrtArt journal:


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