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tracking games stuck

Im getting tired of this site since i cant track my games or achievements... from early december or before i cannot track my playtime , games or achievements, and nobody fix it .. ill wait a fe more days to see if someone do something .. if not ill give up.. and one more thing there is not an app for android that sucks..

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So is it that your tracking games is stuck, or that the automatic tracking doesn't work? Which games are you trying to add/track?

The automatic tracking.. theres a few games.. cod advance warefare...farcry 3 , tron, and other games.. i try to removed my gamertag and put it back again.. but nothing and now i cant verify my gamertag i put the code on my profile description and save it and nothing.... This is my xbox gamertag... chico ll gamer

Xbox connection (and PSN) is currently down and we don't have an ETA on when it might get fixed. Tracking Xbox Achievements on Raptr right now is not very reliable. Sorry to have to tell you.

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