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Really disappointed in you guys.

 I've been a loyal user for years now. The rate at which this site is declining is kinda sad. The fact that you're basically saying "to heck with everyone who doesn't play PC games, we ain't got time for that..." almost makes me mad. That's why I came to this site in the first place. At the time, I wasn't playing any PC games. Your site was so good at tracking everything. So what gives? I mean, how hard is it to really get everything working the way it used to? I checked out some of your competition and signed up to see what their site did, and they pulled ALL my achievements from Steam, Xbox 360 and PSN in seconds. So... why can't you do that anymore? Sure, the time tracking with PSN is probably busted for good because Sony are a bunch of fools, but the other site clearly has no problem tracking achievements accurately. It updated as soon as I earned a new achievement with a 360 game. I only had to refresh the page. 

Just throwing my thoughts out there. Do what you want with them, but please consider taking care of a problem that a lot of your users are upset about. Thanks.

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Other websites or apps may have the current resources and manpower to get all their achievements and hours working for consoles. We did tracking very well for a long time but in the long run it wasn't working for us and we had to make changes. Now that we're opening different avenues up and evolving more, we had to put more focus on PC. Perhaps in the future we may have enough to support both PC and consoles, but currently our team has to prioritize where and what we work on. We are still hiring so we are still trying to increase our team.

We understand the feelings of users, especially those that have been with us for awhile to see Raptr from beginning to where it is now. We do appreciate the support and do take your opinion into account. I'll pass it on for you.

You should give us a developer API to the data (the same way Steam does) and let the community help you guys.

Most likely there are APIs for it, you got need to go public with them.

Any chance something like that could happen?

Having a Community driven API probably is a good idea. However, we currently don't have the time or manpower to do something of that caliber quite yet. Steam may be able to do it due to being a multi-billion dollar company...we're still a start-up. Perhaps down the pipeline.

Why not allow us to manually track our own game data for the consoles? Then I could at least know how many pointless and countless hours I've wasted playing destiny or MC collection. As it stands you basically cut it out entirely and it is one of the most frustrating things I've ever encountered. That and the fact that I saw no updates for any of these obvious site changes or about how consoles were no longer going to be supported. Just wasn't working anymore. Not having enough people to keep up on everything is fine, but an email update or something would have been nice. (At least for me and I likely would never have been that upset.)


@SpartanChick316 - I believe I answered this in a ticket to you, but I believe I should answer here as well for some closure. We do allow manual tracking of time for any game that you can add to your library. Consoles not currently being worked on is included in our FAQ.

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