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2014 Gaming Summary

So are you guys gonna do the 2014 gaming summary or can I just assume you've pretty much ditched everything that made this site good?

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Would love to see one as well.

"can I just assume you've pretty much ditched everything that made this site good?"

So true.. so sad.

Unfortunately, we will not be doing the 2014 Gaming Summary this year. We have all hands on deck right now to fix issues, work on new features and we just simply can't afford to drag someone off their current project to collect the data for the gaming summary. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Not in the least bit surprised here. There goes collecting a years worth of data, right in the trash.

It's a shame to see Raptr lose the fundamentals that made it great.


I was waitng for this :(

So looks like for me 2014 was the last year on Raptr.

At this point, they might as well just rename the site while they're at it, seeing as there's little left of the original site and its goals (XFireRedux, perhaps?). The AMD partnership was apparently one of the worst things that could have happened to the site, given the steady downhill slide it seems to be taking ever since. I'm assuming none of these "fixes" will actually involve fixing stuff that's been broken for months (console tracking, for instance)? I still find it funny that they seem to be abandoning ship there when my own "Gamer ID Analysis" box seems to be telling me that the average Raptr user only has 7 PC games vs. 23 PSN and 56 XBOX games. That tells me the majority of their users are console gamers, which implies they are alienating the majority of their user base with this PC-only focus. Maybe this is another broken feature along with everything else, though..?


Raptr is turning to Craptr. :(

i always looked forward to this at the end of the year....if they start ignoring such a simple feature too then they are going really down...also i have started using linux and if they are so pc focused now where's a little mention of client and with no signs of getting console support anymore its sad to say this will be my last year too with raptr


Only reason I stuck around was for this so yeah I'm pretty much done here. So long and thanks for all the fish

At least repeat the same pattern with the new data :c

Oh no...I was looking forward to this so much. :(

Give me an API to raptr's data , and you'll have your reports within a day.

So sad...

Exactly. Why can't they just make the data accessible to the community and make some contest out of it - who presents the data best gets his work published as the "official" annual Raptr overview or something... There are also ways of making the data handed to the community personally unidetifiable, if privacy of gaming habbits happens to be a concern.