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is the trophy and achievement tracking ever going to be fixed?

 Before it stopped tracking trophy's I would have rated raptr a 9, but now I would have to rate it at 4. Maybe its time to focus on fixing it rather than other PC issues because they are working while tracking is not. I don't care about the sweepstakes, or the GVR (now that steam has it too). The best feature your app has over the competition is the cross platform tracking, but without it I have little use for it. I was using it all the time for tracking and comparing with the community, but now it's not worth the drain on memory. I will keep the app disabled until you guys fix the bugs. If fixing the tracking is to hard or time consuming why don't you ask for help? I'm sure there are people in the community who would be glad to help resolve this problem. I know I would help you work on the problem at no charge, if I knew how to code.

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You can check a number of other threads where Raptr employees have responded to the same question.. they do not plan on fixing these systems anytime soon.. long shot at maybe down the road but they put all their eggs in the PC basket and fixing old stuff is not a priority. 

 Well, their eggs in PC basket is not that great either. My status has been stuck playing BLTPS for at least a week now, and even manually trying to sync Steam achievement and hours doesn't work at all (saying timed out).

hi there i can not track trophy on my raptr for psn


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