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Instant Messaging Client Support Issue

Raptr still can't connect to my AIM, Facebook Chat or GTalk and MSN Messenger stuff needs to be updated to Skype since MSN Messenger is dead.

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I'm having problems too, mines not connecting to Facebook or Gchat (though that hasn't ever really worked). I don't use AIM.  Clean install of Windows 8 that I did just after Christmas.

Same problem- cant connect to facebook chat. I found the facebook chat integration very useful while gaming, now it doesnt work.

It's pretty freaking pathetic that this issue has been going on for years now and the Raptr admins still haven't fixed it.  What gives?

Not enough programmers on the Raptr team, it seems.

Have the same issues and I recently even updated out of XP to avoid these issues and they are still there in windows 8 :(

i noticed the chat client rendered itself mostly useless over a month ago. usually someone sorts this out rather quickly. why is it different this time? this is my primary purpose for using raptr, the chat client. if this is not attended to soonish i have no use for your service folks. facebook chat, AIM, GTalk, and whatever Microsoft Messenger has defaulted to (altho im pretty sure it is skype)


 I keep checking back to see if this is fixed, and continue to be disappointed. Other than the occasional check, I gave up and uninstalled Raptr I think 2 year ago now. Broken consolidation of IM accounts makes raptr completely worthless. It was a superior xfire and that is why most of us came to it. Now it is a bloated advertising app for the raptr rewards system (their money making additions). I get annoyed every time an AMD graphics card software installs "gaming evolved" because it's nothing more than a money making partnership to promote raptr's useless software that exists only do demonstrate their complete disregard for their oldest users.

Facebook chat is being shut off on April 30th (by Facebook, not Raptr). Google Talk access is supposedly being shut off any time now (by Google, they want everyone on Hangouts). Not really Raptrs fault any more (though it has to be said their IM integration never worked all that well compared to other clients!) 

Screw Google and screw Facebook, I'm not using their clunky web based services when I can have a nice clean multi-IM service that works in game and out on my desktop or my phone/tablet. That's the trouble when you rely on third party services provided by big corporations, they do what's in their best interests, not yours.

I see AOL chat is broken too, and XMPP isn't even supported. Think I'll just move over to Evolve.

 Integrated IM clients is the main reason I installed raptr over a year ago.  I think I got to use that feature for about 1 week before it broke.  It's been a largely useless piece of software on my computer ever since.


Wow many thanks for mentioning Evolve.  All the chat clients I use instantly worked better through Evolve than they ever worked through Raptr.

Yeah, I'm making the switch to Evolve as well for this issue.
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