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What is the future of Raptr?

Among all the annoyed users venting their frustration, most of which I sadly agree with, what seems lost in the back and forth is the direction of Raptr. We already know that Raptr is focusing on further developing the app into a streaming application for Twitch, and developing the site for video playback. We also have heard that the focus moving forward will be PC gaming. 

That's all well and good, but what is the end-goal for Raptr these days? Where is Raptr going these days? What does the team want the site to grow into? Us users have lost a lot of functionality in these sea-changes on the site, and although there are reports that Raptr is gaining users, I've only see and heard constant reports of people walking away. Nobody engages in the community anymore, the forums are dead and barren, and all of my friends have uninstalled, leaving me all alone on Raptr. I have very little reason to remain, and I am mostly here just because I have been here since the beginning. 

But I'm losing a lot of faith. I don't know what Raptr wants to do with itself. I don't know if it'll completely change in a few months and be some new site, based on some new trend. Moreover, the team has shrunk so much that realistic updates to the site have become completely untenable. With bugs only accumulating over and over and old functionality being taken away because it's either too costly or unwanted by the dev team (we have no way of knowing, as users, as we're not told anything), everyone is running out of reasons to stay here. 

Please, tell us what Raptrs goals are for 2015. Please communicate with us, and tell us why we should give you all the benefit of the doubt. Why should we remain here? 

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I do believe they are gaining a lot of new users. When I went update my graphics card drivers a couple months ago, I got a Raptr prompt. When I installed a game (forgot which), I got a Raptr prompt. Do the users actually stay after they try it? No idea. They keep putting out that they are getting new users because of the new features. That came around the same time AMD started pushing Raptr with the drivers.

Then you get that new website, which is leaving to become nothing. And is still nothing. You got a profile, then you got a link on the main webpage linking to another site.

I would LOVE to know the future. Right now, they are pushing themselves to stuff they can't really do, before even hiring people. I mean, how long does it take to change the support forum link on the Raptr website to link here instead of the old forums that you can't even post in for support? That was changed back in November. They say they are stretched so thin, and yes they probably are, but that is their own doing. 

I want the future to be a unique program/website again. 

Just like @SHAGGYBODOM said. It comes with amd drivers for some time now, it installs it automatically, so i guess that's where the "new users" are. For example i turned on a friends laptop, this raptr gaming evolved thingy popped out (autostart) and i asked him if he uses it and he told me no, did not even had an idea what the heck it was, but the app was autostarting and running by itself.  Having in mind many have no idea what it is, and it says AMD they guess it is something gpu driver related and let it run without deleting it.  

I don't really think the "new feautures" brought those new users, GVR and replay are like in a very very very far from finished beta stage, i get crashes, it stops recording saying i only have 500mb of free space but i have like 30GB, in many cases it makes CSGO hang at startup. 

I started threads with the above problems around 2-3 months ago, but no answers :D

Saying the 2-3 months with no response, plus other things, makes me see 1 thing. The possible reason why the Support Forums still link to the old forums, so they have less people to support here cause they can't even keep up with support here with the little of those that know about these. I was just trying to go to the old forums but I keep getting a heavy load error. works fine. But the old forums that are closed are giving an error that they are under heavy load. Curious how many people need support, but can't even attempt to get support because they get linked to a forum they can't even post in. Well, they post in sometimes when they find out they can post in the General section. Some post an intro thread just because they think they have to so they can post in the support area. Most people don't read stickies, they should know that.


First of all, is the old 'support forums' link still there?  Yes.

Does it suck?  Sure.

Can people take the time to read on every single forum category that the actually new forums are over here?  Yes.

Are the old forums essentially shut down in order to preserve old issues and allow us to use it as a reference?  Yes.

Did I want to keep the social aspect of the old forums to allow older generation of users a hang out?  Yes.

Given the fact that everyone seems to be complaining about the old forums, and are incapable of reading the various threads that say that we'll be offering support forums over here, I'll go ahead and take the time to just remove the old ones entirely.

That being said, the fact that most people don't read the stickies is like saying that most people don't read the posted speed limit signs.

As for the goals of 2015, as I know what we're going to do, and what I'm allowed to say, I'll let you guys know.

But until then, I don't have anything to notify you guys on.


Did you start them on these forums?  If so can you link them to me, or perhaps start a ticket so that we can talk more candidly?

@BURN yea, started them here around 1-2 months ago, VERUN replied 2 days ago. 

Same really, I would have left months ago, if I could find a website that was like Raptr in it's prime.

Sadly it seems to be mostly bug and glitches now.


Even since the change to focus on PC, that's not even working that well.

@Burn, Why wont they do email update summaries for us? I would be less incline to frustration over sudden changes if I had some better more defined idea where Raptr was going and why.


"As for the goals of 2015, as I know what we're going to do, and what I'm allowed to say, I'll let you guys know."

So essentially, as I gather, nothing? It's been many months of literally no communication from Raptr. It's pretty disappointing that a company that was once so friendly and open is snow so standoffish and rude.  Surely SOMEONE who works there has a plan for the future? Why is that such a struggle to communicate with the people who actually use the service? 

@heychrisfox - While in the past we may have been more open about future endeavors, the site and company are changing a lot. We prefer not to promise anything if we can't deliver it, or decide to change our minds. We do share some information such as changes to GVR which has been a main focus lately. 

However, some future ideas or plans for the company we prefer to keep to ourselves until the time is right to let users know. However, our partnership with Intel was just announced. So that might give a small glimpse into the future of Raptr. 

"old forum" "new forum"... this forum is a joke you guys, how can you even call this a forum? It's more of a public ticketting system.

@Dextrome Thorphan - Actually this is a forum we're typing on right now. It's a public place that allows several people to discuss a certain topic. The "old forum" as you would call it is actually gone now and we use this forum mainly now. 

We also have a ticketing system for issues.

@Verun Agreed I kind of mispoke there. But you can't honestly call this a forum though? It just doesn't feel like a forum... no user profiles, no post editting, no stickies afaik. And it looks so messy, very hard to just browse through it.

And where's the general discussions or user forums? We're only allowed to give feedback/ask for support? It's like you're purposely trying to kill the community.

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