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Steam achievements not updating


I played two games this week.QP Shooting: Dangerous!! and Fork Parker's Holiday Profit Hike. 

Why Raptr does not update achievements ?

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The achievement grabbing thing from steam is sort of broken, it only works for some games,  new added achievement are not working. They said they have no time to fix this.

Yea, I keep refreshing my Steam achievements, but on The Samaritan Paradox, this one achievement, "Resisting the Rapture", which it says NO ONE on Raptr has "yet earned", well I sure did. And it won't give me the credit. =\

So really? They "don't have time" to fix it?

Every time i update less and less games are detected and no achievements are updated. Also Last played game is detected to a game a played a month ago.

This thing is dying.

We've been having issues with the Steam Crawling for Achievements recently within the last few months. We'll need to dig in deeper to find out the exact cause and then resolve it, however it's difficult to tell how long this resolution might take. Steam hours appear to be accurate and once the Achievement crawling is working as intended, it would then pick up the achievements from Steam. 

Yeah same problem here..Have got about dozen achi's and none updated to Raptr :/ Some in Steam and some in Playstation 3. My French friend has some achi's updated,but i have 0 for the same game. :/ I hope this would be fixed :)

Friendly regards: 35y old and long time Pc and Playstation 1-3 gamer

Okay, thanks Verun =)

I'm sticking with you guys cause you and Burn have been quite helpful in the past! Also, I know there is only so much you guys can do on your side heh

Keep up the hard work!


Can we get an update to this?  If Raptr is dropping would be nice if it was at least working for PC games, as intended.


True...PS3 and XBOX cannot be tracked or given game time for. I still like the points though...even if it may take me quite a whiles to earn a graphics card or something ;)

@Grimloche - Which Steam game achievements are not matched, and also do you have your Steam account attached to the Raptr client?

(I notice a few games which don't have achievements, but just wondering if you're seeing any in particular)

I have all my consoles and what not attached...they've been attached since 2010 when I first started using raptr....

Any steam game I've played since September...Batman: Arkham Origins South Park: stick of truth, Warframe , Aliens colonial marines, watchdogs, and zombie army trilogy....I haven't had a single achievment update for steam since September.  Even my achievement gamer card hasn't updated since then.  The Last achievement I have is from October 6th, from Dishonored.


I'm guessing by the month of no reply to my last post, that this is not a priority at all for Raptr.  I used to love this program.  I used to pimp this thing I tell people don't bother.

Good bye raptr....all good things come to an end eventually....Uninstalling now.


 Do you have your Steam account attached to your Client or just to the website?

Sounds like the "Steam Crawler" isn't completely grabbing achieves for everyone. I've only had the rare occasion where an achievement won't show - probably for anyone - but I'm guessing it's related
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